Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Sabine Krause


Starting August 1st, 2023 I work at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland).
NEW email address: sabine.krause@unifr.ch



Book publication:

  • The Making of a Teacher in the Age of Migration - Critical Perspectives on the Politics of Education for Refugees, Immigrants and Minorities (eds., with Michelle Proyer und Gertraud Kremsner)

Upcoming conferences:

  • Food for Thought – Illustrating the (Educational) Mess we are in Using Global Food Production. Mit Michelle Proyer und Nicole Gotling. CIES, 22nd February 2023, Washington D.C. (link to abstract)


About me:

I studied Educational Science, European Ethnology, and Jewish Studies in Berlin and Potsdam - a combination in which my diverse interests become clear. My academic interests here alternate between theoretical and practice-related work. My reasoning revolves around knowledge(s) and forms of knowledge; I ask about the relationship between the general and the specific in education, and I look at who is heard and whose voice is valued. Thus, my research topics concern the philosophical, historical, cultural, and social foundations of education. Recurring themes are boundaries, narratives, memories and remembering, and normativity in/of education.

Research fields:

  • Photography as Access and Path of Knowledge in Educational Science
  • detoxing narratives - Narratives as a challenge in educational science ( https://detox.univie.ac.at/ )
  • De*colonial thinking and reasoning in education
  • Boundaries and borders (in) education science (historical and systematic perspectives)
  • Rethinking Teacher Education: Qualifications for Internationally Trained Teachers (link to book "Making of Teachers")
  • Distant Bodies | Collective Spaces | Borders - Students' Perspectives on Learning in Times of Distance and Flux: A Cultural Comparison

What is "General Education Science"?

As I understand it, General Education Science deals with fundamental questions and legitimation figures of educational thinking, including the question of human existence. I analyze and work on constituent concepts and questions of the academic discipline of education. The recurring question in my work is how subjectivity, alienness, and relations to socio-cultural and political matters meet in educational aims and how human beings interact with those demands.

What do I research?

In my work on remembrance, I reflect on the historical narratives we provide to younger generations. The basic idea is that we live a twofold story: as human beings, we have individual, particular experiences that make us subjects. At the same time, we live in a historical world that always places our lives in a specific context. What context is that? What (historical) narratives do we use to "make" our world? What histories of other people and/or other social groups do we allow or integrate?

The second focus of my work is the materialization and expansion of this general understanding through the connection with (theories of) narratives in texts and images, especially in photography. The aim is to highlight the performative act of narration as a collaborative making of narratives and situational sense-making. Thus, the subject with its experiences becomes visible as a historical subject; on the other hand, it expresses its situational understanding and interpretation and positions itself in that specific moment. Here, it is interesting that the historical and situated self might differ.
I think of narratives here as verbal and visual products because we also "tell" stories in pictures, especially in photographs: obviously with what we depict, which provides information about attitudes and relationships to self, others, and the world. This research explores pictures as an expression of individual and collective knowledge(s) in which subjects report on themselves and their attitudes.

Finally, the third research scope is education as an academic discipline: The aim is to critically question academic disciplinary thinking, theoretical concepts, and pedagogical processes, analyze the conditions for these, and develop them further in a theoretically reflective way. I conduct this research with reference to epistemological stakes from cultural and social sciences.

Ongoing publication projects:
  • De*colonize Teacher Education (with Ines M. Breinbauer, Neda Forghani, Michelle Proyer, Gertraud Kremsner, Regina Studena-Kuras) Call (German)
Recent works in English: 

Some presentations at conferences:

  • Centerstage for Memoralization: Stories from Innsbruck and Vienna. Austrian Studies Association, New Orleans, 12.-15. April 2022.
  • Visualizations and Narratives of Border and Bordercorssings in 1989 and 1990. Online, GSA, 30.9.-3.10.2021
  • Emerging Reflexivity: Considerations on visual methodologies to foster reflexivity. Online, ECER, 7.9.2021 (Abstract)
  • Discussant: Professionalism and Forced Migration – Internationally Trained Teachers Re-Accessing the Job Market. Online, ECER, 9.9.2021
  • Memories In The Making – The Year 1989 And Its Memorialisation. International Standing Conference of the History of Education (ISCHE) 2021, online, 14.-25.6.2021 (Abstract)
  • Assessing the Power-Relations of Crossings, Transitions, and Passages in Education. 21st International Conference on Migration «Border Thinking» in Klagenfurt 17.-18.6.2021 (gemeinsam mit Michelle Proyer)
  • From Taking Pictures to Visual Knowledge: Some Considerations on Epistemic Shifts. ECER, Hamburg, 3.-6.9.2019
  • Detoxing Practices: Challenging Pedagogical Objectives and Research Practices. Beitrag zum Symposium The (Im)possibility of Methods in Curriculum Study and Teacher Education, and its "Alternative" Investigation. AERA, New York, 13.-17.4.2018
  • The Feeling of Belonging: Cultivating Emotions to Evoke Belonging. Preformed multilingual panel: "Cultivating a second nature: the handling of emotions and affects as a ground soil for education in Europe and Latin America (XVIIth-XXth)," ISCHE, Berlin, 29.8.-1.9.2018 

Some publications:

  • Photography, Taking Pictures and Critique – Brief Considerations. In: In Limbo. New York Edited 2019/2020. Herausgegeben von der Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie Berlin, S. 34-35.
  • Doing Participatory Stories Research - Detoxing Narratives. (mit Michelle Proyer, Raphael Zahnd, Gertraud Kremsner) In: Hoveid, Marit H./ Ciolan, Lucian/ Paseka, Angelika/Silva, Sofia Marques da (2019): Doing Educational Research: Overcoming Challenges in Practice. London: Sage, 114-131. Preview: https://bit.ly/2MzFaJi

Organized Workshops:

  • Lost in Space: Transitions of social interactions in digital and virtual spaces. – Workshop 4
  • From Tape to Cloud – Workshop 3
  • Digitalisierung (in) der Forschung – Workshop 2
  • Krise der qualitativen Forschung? – Workshop 1 


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