Disability Studies journal

The journal Zeitschrift für Disability Studies / ZDS Journal of Disability Studies, published by innsbruck university press (iup), is the first journal in the field of disability studies in the German-speaking world. Grounded in an understanding of disability and ability as social, political-economic and cultural constructions, ZDS’s goal is to investigate the production of ability, disability and normalcy in all social and academic contexts.

The journal aims to change understandings of ability and disability and increase participation. Its goal is to connect science, activism and art in order to encourage inter- and trans-disciplinary research and theory formation that do not just promote participation in today’s world, but lead to societal emancipation for all people.

By publishing the ZDS, we are committed to accessibility and academic exchange across a diverse community of disability researchers and activists. ZDS is published twice a year in open access and accessible format: https://zds-online.org/

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