Research Seminar

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The department of Banking & Finance organizes the seminar series, where speakers from academic institutions are invited to present and discuss their recent work. Topics cover a broad range of up-to-date research questions. Seminars are organized on a regularly basis during the semester time. PhD students and advanced Master students are expected to attend the seminars in order to get in touch with recent research. Seminars are open to the interested audience. Information about upcoming seminars are sent out via email. If you would like to be informed or for any further information, please contact Daniel Kleinlercher  .

Seminars are usually scheduled for Monday, 14.00h.

Past Seminars

  Less recent seminars can be found in our archive 🔗.

Mo., 27.11.2017
14.00h, SR 3

Emilia Garcia-Appendini  
University of Zurich

"Trade credit use as firms approach default"

Mo., 22.05.2017
14.00h, HS 2

Abel Winn  
Chapman University

"Land Assembly Without Eminent Domain: Laboratory Experiments of Two Tax Mechanisms."

Mo., 20.03.2017
14.00h, SR 3

Arna Olafsson  
Copenhagen Business School

"The Ostrich in Us: Selective Attention to Financial Accounts, Income, Spending, and Liquidity"


Mo., 30.01.2017
14.00h, SR 2

Josef Zechner  
WU Vienna

"Low Risk Anomalies?"

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