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Here you can find a collection of selected readings on environmental economics and regional development. Enjoy them!

Readings in Environmental Economics

Governance of Natural Resouces

Ostrom, Gardner and Walker (1994) Rules, Games, and Common-Pool Resources. Michigan University Press

Ostrom (1990) Governing the Commons. Cambridge University Press

Ostrom (2009) A General Framework for Analyzing Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems. Science Vol. 325 no. 5939 pp. 419-422.

International Environmental Agreements

Barrett (2003) Environment and Statecraft. The Strategy of Environmental Treaty-Making. Oxford University Press.

Natural Resource Economics

Conrad (2010) Resource Economics 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press.

Readings in Regional Development

Capello (2007) Regional Economics. Routledge Advanced Texts in Economics and Finance

McCann (2006) Urban and Regional Economics. Oxford University Press

Brakman, Garretsen and Van Marrewijk (2001) An introduction to geographical economics: trade, location and growth. Cambridge Univ Press

Brakman S., Garretsen H., Van Marrewijk C. (2009) The new introduction to geographical economics. Cambridge Books

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