University of Innsbruck


ISGSB2022 Conference | September 19 – 23, 2022





Organizer and Contact

International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB)

Organizer: Ines Heiland, Kathrin Thedieck
Organizing Committee: Mathias Ziegler, Anze Zupanic, Anu Ragunathan, Hans Westerhoff
Conference management: Petra Engele, Gabriele Reiter, Vanessa Brunner


General Information about the ISGSB

The International Study Group for Systems Biology ISGSB is a loose collective of international researchers interested in advancing the biological sciences through exploring the interplay between theory and experiment. Find more …

Young Study Group for Systems Biology (YSGSB)

Conferences, symposia and study groups can be both exciting and intimidating places for young researchers. Many of the talks will be in fields that you don’t have a firm grasp on and presenting your findings in front of famous scientists can be a terrifying experience. YSGSB wants to provide a relaxed atmosphere for learning and exchange and beside the scientific lectures and discussions tries to address issues most relevant for young researchers, such as how you’re going to get your first job in or out of academia.

One day preceding the ISGSB conference will be designated for Master students, PhD students and PostDocs. We have organized a program of events tailored to the next generation of researchers in the hope of creating a relaxed, collaborative atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in. 

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