International Mountain Conference 2022 (IMC2022)

Where? Innsbruck, Austria

When? 11-15 September 2022


  • Support Mountain Research
  • Support exchange amoung disciplines to gather and shape all available puzzle pieces 


  • Most comprehensive conference exlusively on Mountain Research worldwide (follow-up of IMC2019)
  • Mountain conference host region is one of the global hotspots in Mountain Research and Education -> get connected with local scientists, students and field sites 😉

How? Depending on the COVID-19 circumstances, in-person, virtual or both

Interested? Register for IMC2022 Mailing list. 

Requests? Welcome via


S4SSS 2022? Student for Student Summer School 2022 (building on experiences from S4SSS 2019) will be offered one week before IMC2022 depending on PhD students' interest. Any updates will be provided through IMC2022 mailling list. 



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