Centre d’étude de la chanson québécoise

In 1995, the “Centre d’étude de la chanson québécoise” was opened as part of the archives “Textmusik in der Romania“ (Text and Music Studies), which are located in the Department of Romance Philology of the University of Innsbruck. The print and media collection presently comprises approximately 13,000 titles from Quebec and the French-speaking North-America (Acadia, Ontario, the Canadian West; Louisiana), thus representing the largest collection of its kind in Western Europe. While in its beginnings the Centre was granted subsidies by the Canadian government, today’s funding is primarily provided by the government of Quebec.

The “Centre d’étude de la chanson québécoise” has been collaborating closely with the Canadian Studies Centre for many years so that today its activities are no longer restricted to the mere fields of chanson and text and music studies. Not only do the lectures and concerts prove popular, but also and especially the reading tours of Québec writers, the symposia, the workshops and training sessions organized in collaboration with the Canadian Studies Centre.

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