Anne Trépanier: "Un mariage monstrueux" (CNS7 - long version), 12.04.2021

Radio feature: "Videogrüße aus Kanada" (Canadian Network Spotlights), 25.03.2021

Showcasing Young Austrian Scholars and Scientists, January - March 2021

Reading Mountains 2020, 11.12.2020

Readings "Ganz wie sie", 14.10./09.11.2020

Studying in Canada, 12.10.2020



Anne Trépanier: "Un mariage monstrueux : Représentations de la Confédération canadienne dans les journaux satiriques (1864-1867)" (CNS7 - long version)

For the short version see >> link

Radio feature: "Videogrüße aus Kanada" (Canadian Network Spotlights) 


Showcasing Young Austrian Scholars and Scientists

Lectures of Austrian sicentists on the YouTube channel of the Austrian Embassy Ottawa

Mathias Eller: "The role of federalism in coping with the Corona crisis – Austria as a pioneer?"

Matteo Saveriano: "Making robots to learn from human observation"

Claudia Paganini: "Media ethics: from understanding media to shaping them"

Doris G. Eibl: "The knowledge of literature: on the pandemic crisis in the Anthropocene"

Marie-Luisa Frick: "The birth of international human rights with a special focus on John Peters Humphrey"

Andrea Ganthaler: "Mountain forests: Will stress for trees increase and what are the consequences?"

Lindsey Nicholson: "Mountain glaciers: What’s happening to them and why does it matter?"

Reading Mountains 2020 

Listen HERE to all the videos of the Night of Canadian Literature 2020 with texts by A. Abdou, R. Wagamese, D. Desautels, and G. Roy, with music and images from Canada!

Opening remarks

Ursula Mathis-Moser (ZKS)/Eva-Maria Müller (Inst. für Amerikanistik)

Hannes Machor (Austrian Cultural Forum Ottawa)

Joseph F. Patrouch (Wirth Institute)


Richard Wagamese, Medicine Walk (2015)

Gabrielle Roy, La montagne secrète (1994)

Angie Abdou, The Canterbury Trail (2011)

Denise Desautels, Ce désir toujours (2005)


Readings "Ganz wie sie"

Ursula Mathis-Moser reads from her translation of the prose text "Ganz wie sie" by the French-speaking Québec author Louise Dupré


Studying in Canada: Information Videos

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