Una mirada pandémica a la relación entre patriarcado y colonialismo

Gastvortrag von María Galindo (Künstlerin & Aktivistin, Bolivien) - ONLINE: Dienstag, 18. Mai, 18 Uhr

María Galindo is a Bolivian feminist activist, visual and performance artist and psychologist. She has worked as a radio presenter, television host, columnist and screenwriter and is author of several books and publications. With No se puede descolonizar sin despatriarcalizar (2013), she made an important contribution to the theorization of intersectionality in Latin America.

She co-founded Mujeres Creando, a Bolivian collective and social movement which confronts social injustice, sexism and homophobia. Currently, she writes a weekly column for Diario Siete and broadcasts a regular radio program from Mujeres Creando. For her controversial actions, often labeled as performance art or street theater, she was arrested several times by Bolivian police. Through her many years of work, she became an international reference in the context of cultural activism and social transformation.

Galindo states: "The street is the most important political setting.”  








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"La nueva marea feminista: Kunst, Kultur und Aktivismus in Lateinamerika"

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