User Guidelines

The LinuX workstation cluster of our institute consists of about 26 LinuX Workstations/Servers (in the server room of Viktor-Franz-Heß house) and a number of LinuX-PCs (Desktop computers with hostnames of type xxx-c705 in the offices of the ITP). Anyone with a valid account can use any of these machines for his/her calculations and everyday work. But keep in mind: The desktop computers (PCs with name "xxx-c705") might be used by someone sitting in front of it. In order to avoid serious overload of one particular computer please follow the guidelines.

A few rules that ensure smooth operation of the system

    • keep the number of open windows on your X-terminal as small as possible
    • if you don't need a connection to a remote host any longer please close it
    • before starting huge calculation programs (matlab, mathematica or C-code etc.): check if the load-average on the workstation is already greater than the number of the CPU's (cores). If so, it's better to use a different computer for your calculations.
      Note: Do not start big (long running, MEM- and/or CPU-consuming) jobs on our login-, file- and application-servers (mungo, jerrie, obiwan) and desktop PC's with name xxx-c705 (except you are the person sitting in front of it)!
    • use the secure shell instead of the usual remote-commands
    • before using the RESET-button on your LinuX-PC make sure that no one is currently logged on or running a job on your PC
    • always log-out when leaving the institute!

Questions Suggestions Complaints

If you need additional information on the LinuX cluster please contact your system administrators.

But: please read the How-to-sites thoroughly, maybe you already find your answer there.

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