Maple (Version 18.00 & 11.00 & 9.01)

How to Start Maple
MAPLE - Computersystem zur Bearbeitung algebraischer Ausdrücke

Maple is a comprehensive environment for exploring, teaching, and applying mathematics. You can use Maple to solve PDEs, visualize hydrogen orbitals, encrypt messages, compute option prices, lecture on Taylor series, run error analyses on lab data, or accomplish any other task that requires mathematics.

Maple contains thousands of math procedures, but you can also create custom procedures using the Maple programming language. Once you have created a Maple application, Maple contains tools for publishing it and exporting results to other software applications.


How to Start Maple

Maple provides users with two worksheet interfaces (graphical user interfaces) and a command line (text-based) interface. All have access to the full mathematical engine of Maple and take advantage of the new functionality in Maple.

By default, worksheets open in the enhanced and more modern Standard Worksheet. The Classic Worksheet, available on x86 Windows and UNIX platforms, has the traditional Maple worksheet look and uses less memory.

If your system has less than the recommended amount of physical memory, it is suggested that you use the Classic Worksheet version of Maple.

You can start Maple in different modes. Use the one best suited to your needs.

Standard Worksheet Maple

The first time you begin a worksheet version of Maple, an introductory page directs you to new features, updates, and example worksheets. Subsequent Maple sessions start with a new, blank worksheet. To start Standard Worksheet Maple in UNIX or Linux:

  • Modify your command search path to contain your Maple binary directory (i.e., /net/apps64/bin or on x86 systems /net/appls/bin) and execute

    % xmaple

  • or execute the full path (i.e., /net/apps64/bin/xmaple).

Classic Worksheet Maple

To start Classic Worksheet Maple in UNIX or Linux, type

% maple -cw

in a shell or execute the full path (i.e., /net/apps64/bin/maple -cw).

Command Line Maple

The Command Line version of Maple has a text-based user interface. While allowing complete access to the mathematical engine, the Command Line version of Maple requires less system resources.

To start Command Line Maple in UNIX or Linux, enter

% maple

at the a shell promt or execute the full path (i.e., /net/apps64/bin/maple).

For more information, refer to the text file cmdline.txt located in the Maple 9 folder /net/appls/maple9/.

Note: Start Maple Version11.00 via commands xmaple11 and maple11, Maple Version 9.01 via commands xmaple9 and maple9.

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