Using SpeedScreen Latency Reduction

SpeedScreen Latency Reduction can improve the performance of low speed connections by decreasing bandwidth consumption and total packets transmitted.

Note: SpeedScreen will only work when it is available on the Citrix server you are connecting to, and it has been enabled by the administrator.

To change the SpeedScreen settings

  1. Select the name of the connection you want in the Citrix ICA Client window. Click the Properties button:
  2. Select the Connections page.
  3. In the SpeedScreen section there are two list boxes, Local Text Echo and Mouse Click Feedback. Local Text Echo accelerates display of the input text, effectively shielding you from experiencing latency on the network. Mouse Click Feedback provides visual feedback of a mouse-click, in that the mouse pointer is immediately changed to an hourglass indicator. Select a mode from the drop-down list:
  • For slower connections (for example if you are connecting over a WAN or a dial-in connection), set mode to On to decrease the delay between user input and screen display. Choose either Mouse Click Feedback or Local Text Echo.
  • For faster connections (for example, if you are connecting over a LAN), set mode to Off.
  • If you are not certain of the connection speed, set mode to Auto to turn SpeedScreen on or off depending on the latency of the connection.

Note: You can override Auto mode using the Toggle SpeedScreen hotkey (SHIFT+F12).

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