Vice-Rectorate for Infrastructure

Vice-Rectorate for Infrastructure with information on barrier-free access, safety and waste separation at the University of Innsbruck

The Vice-Rectorate for Infrastructure is responsible for all matters relating to

  • buildings and rooms at the university
  • fulfilment of the house and house use regulations
  • protection of the buildings
  • building and organisational measures in relation to the protection of employees
  • safety.

to the website: www.uibk.ac.at/rektorenteam/infrastruktur/

In the interest of all users we request your active participation, in particular in the fields of barrier-free access, safety and waste separation.

Barrier-free access and safety

Please ensure free access for the fire brigade and ambulance, free access to emergency exits and free access to barrier-free buildings (guidance system for the blind on the floor, stair lift and rails). Don’t park your bike or other things in the access areas or in any marked zones!

The university governance aims at providing sufficient bike racks and where necessary to improve the available facilities. Please use them. Click the link to find the designated areas for parking your bike: www.uibk.ac.at/rektorenteam/infrastruktur/planunterlagen/

Waste prevention – an example

The increasing number of coffee-to-go-cups, which are thrown away after single use only, is an enormous waste of resources (energy, water, oil, wood) and pollutes our environment. With your demand and use of already offered multi-use options, you can make a contribution to protect our environment and climate. Advance notice: From autumn onwards the University of Innsbruck and different providers in the area will offer a joint reusable cup!

Where to discard of waste?!? At the University of Innsbruck there are waste collection stations for separately collecting glass, plastic, metal, paper and residual waste. Area-wide provision of these bins is part of the university’s waste management. We need the help of every single person to increase the share of collected materials, such as glass, plastic, metals and paper collected for recycling. Please integrate waste separation into your everyday life as students, as well as in your private lives.

MülltrennungWaste is not supposed to be discarded in the lecture hall! Which is why bin systems (3 or 5 bins each) for separating waste have been placed in this area. For the empty beverage can to be disposed into the metal bin and the empty pen into the residual waste bin we have added pictographs on the respective bins to assist you in selecting the correct bin.



More information on the waste disposal logistics and waste management at the University of Innsbruck can be found on the university’s website of the Unit for Building and Infrastructure: www.uibk.ac.at/gebaeude-technik/homepage_2008/bereiche/gebaeudebewirtschaftung/entsorgungslogistik.html 

An overview of research foci of the field of waste and resource management is available at the website of the Institute of Infrastructure, the Unit of Environmental Engineering, Waste and Resources Management: www.uibk.ac.at/umwelttechnik 

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