Statements of former participants


 "Stunning! This is probably the only word that could describe the moot experience. I not only got to know the world of international arbitration and gathered a lot of knowledge but also made a lot of new friends and unforgettable memories. Apart from that, I developed my skills in oral advocacy and learned how to properly and persuasively present a case and structure arguments. I would highly recommend the participation in the moot court to everyone who wants to develop their legal skills and prepare themselves for future challenging tasks."

Moritz Martin, Mootie 2022/23

"Our moot court journey lasted seven months and during this time we experienced a lot together and learned new things. I got to know new international areas of law and collected many valuable memories that I will never forget. Above all, I stepped further out of my comfort zone. In particular, I was able to deepen my English language skills and improve my presentation skills. I can recommend the Moot Court to anyone who enjoys working in a team and wants to learn about new areas of law and is open to new experiences."

Lisa Pichler, Mootie 2022/23

"Participating in the Vis Moot Court was definitely the best and most important decision in my studies so far. I was able to learn many things that I would never have been able to learn in other courses, such as research in controversial legal topics and oral argumentation techniques. I will never forget all the oral pleadings against different universities and the networking with students, lawyers and professors from all over the world. It was a very enriching experience that I can recommend to anyone interested in International Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. "

Saibya Schroffenegger, Mootie 2022/23 

“I’m very thankful for having been part of last year’s Innsbruck Vis Moot team, which enabled me to grow as a law student and person. The hours spent on preparing the memoranda and hearings, which were the ultimate goal of the Willem C. Vis Moot, equipped me with refined skills in critical thinking, reducing loads of information to the most convincing arguments and working as part of a team. Finally, the whole experience would not have been as special if it was not for the people one encounters throughout this journey at Pre-Moots, social events and hearings.”

Aleksandra Markovic, Mootie 2021/22

“Participating in the Vis Moot is among the best decisions I have made, first, because the close friendships you form with your teammates and international students in the work intensive preparation phase, competitive environment in Vienna and drinks after successful hearings, second, for the legal analysis and argumentation skills in written and spoken form you develop, and third, for the intensive, comprehensive and ever-existing introduction to international contract law and arbitration this Moot Court offers.”

Katharina Gächter, Mootie 2021/22

 “The Vis Moot provides an excellent environment for young students to prepare for legal practice. The exchange with other students from all over the world is refreshing and enriching. 10/10 would do it again.”

Matteo Ciampa, Mootie 2020/21

“The Vis Moot gives students a chance to prepare for legal practice by learning how to draft memoranda and how to present legal arguments in front of arbitral tribunals. Further it is an excellent opportunity to get to know practitioners and law students from all over the world.”

Fabian Abfalter, Mootie 2021/22

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