The project will be carried out with a number of international partners:


  • The Soprintendenza per I Beni Archeologici della Puglia (esp. dott.ssa Simonetta Bonomi, Foggia department and dott.ssa Marisa Corrente, Bari department) will support the project in terms of excavation permits and advice.


  • The DNA-analyses will be carried out in co-operation with Prof. Christina Papageorgopoulou, Thessaloniki University and Prof. Joachim Burger, Mainz University


  • The compulsory preliminary anthropological analysis of the skeletal material will be carried out by Dr Kristin von Heyking (AnthroArc)


  • NAA analyses to clarify the origin of different pottery wares present at Ascoli Satriano will be financed by and carried out together with Prof. Richard Posamentir (and colleagues), Tübingen University


  • The Archaeobiocenter of the LMU Munich will carry out the paleobotanical and archaeozoological analyses


  • Dr Lucy Cramp (University of Bristol) will carry out the content analyses of the pottery



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