Lukas Benedikt KRAUS, PhD

research fellow in research project Agency and (quantum) physics till 2016

Department for Christian Philosophy
Karl-Rahner-Platz 1
A-6020 Innsbruck



Research Interests

My primary areas of research are metaphysics, logic, natural philosophy and philosophy of religion.

My dissertation is about the ontology of boundaries of extended objects. In this context, I examine the meaning and history of the German expression „Grenze“, the notion of continuum, formal theories of spatiotemporal structures (mereotopology), and the ontological implications of continuum mechanics. I am interested not only in the modern debate on boundaries in analytic ontology but also in historically important ideas on this topic. In this respect, I am concerned with the natural philosophy and mathematics of Bernard Bolzano and the metaphysics of scholasticism, especially the notion of quantity in the disputationes metaphysicae of Francisco Suárez.

In connection with the project Agency and (quantum) physics I am especially dealing with action theory and the ontology of artefacts and agents. My aim is to clarify the notion of agency and to find an answer to the question whether artificial autonomous agents are possible.

Regarding philosophy of religion, I am interested in classical and modern arguments for the existence of God and in the problem of theodicy. I also think about more general questions concerning the God-world-relationship, expecially in connection with the doctrines of the simplicity and the incomprehensibility of God.

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