About Bernhard Braun

Born: 1955 in Hall in Tirol
Home address:  Unterdorf 22, A-6068 Mils;

Motto: Have a good life with Cicero: Sic hortum bibliotheca, nihil deerit.

In the beginning there was study of chemistry in Innsbruck, since 1976 study of philosophiy at the School of Theology in Innsbruck and Salzburg;

1985-1997 Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy at the School of Theology at the University of Salzburg with several chair substitutes (metaphysics and history of philosophy);

Seit 1987 Staff member and referent at the Correspondance Course of Theology, Vienna;

1988-2001 Member of the Advisory Board of the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Award of the Goethe-Foundation, Basel;

1991 Participant in the cooperation model science and media in the Publishing House Athesia Bozen;

1993-1994 Chief editor of the weekly newspaper "präsent" and head of the newspaper publishing company of the Publishing House Tyrolia;

1997-2002 Conceptual assistance in the comittee "Interventionen Stams - Visionen für den Alpenraum";

since 1999 In charge for the art exhibitions "Kunst im Gang" at the Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Innsbruck;

2003-2009 Chairman in Kunstforum Ferdinandeum, society for the promotion of the modern art;

2006-2012 One of the three board members of the society Tyrolean State Museum Ferdinandeum

Fields of activity:

History of philosophy, metaphysics, aesthetics, philosophy of art and culture;

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