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Schlögl, Anna


Klinische, wirtschaftliche und organisatorische Auswirkungen einer klinisch-pharmazeutischen Diesntleistung in der Unfallchirurgischen Abteilung des Universitätsklinikums Innsbruck.

Rissbacher, Pia


Delirinduzierende Medikamente, mit besonderem Schwerpunkt bei Demenzerkrankungen.

Drechser, Theresa


Praxiserfahrungen, Ansichten und Einstellungen des Pflegepersonals mit der Einführung eines Unit-Dose-Systems für stationäre Patienten: eine qualitative Interviewstudie.



Current guidelines and practices on prescribing and deprescribing for patients on long-term antibiotics treatment: A scoping review




Determination of the prevalence and causation of the 30-day re-admission rate of patients who have newly been started on direct oral anti-coagulants (DOACS)

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Unterweger, Alexander: Epidemiologie des NSCLC im Tiroler Oberland, sowie pharmakologische Aspekte der palliativmedizinischen Therapie mit TKI und AK im Stadium IV (2022).

Breitschopf, Irene: Quantitative study to assess the clinical impact of a pharmacist-led discharge medication review service of a private hospital in Switzerland (2021).

Earle-Payne, Katie: The standards of practice for pharmacotherapy Level 3 reviews: A consensus study (2021).

Lindner, Nikolaus: The role of the Austrian community pharmacist in immunisation: A national survey (2021).

Widman, Lucie: Clinical significance of  pharmacist-led medication reviews in renally impaired inpatients at the Oberschwabenklinik (OSK) in Ravensburg/Germany (2021).

Rainer-Harbach, Elena: Improving medication adherence in the community pharmacy: an exploration of Austrian Pharmacists’ adherence enhancing practices (2021).

Blume, Lena: Evaluation of German oncology patients’ experiences with the provision of personalised medication schedules to promote patient safety: a qualitative study (2021).

Kuchar, Alice: Implementation of COVID-19 Risk Management strategies in Austrian community pharmacies: a qualitative study (2021)

Klobasa, Julia: Community pharmacists’ views and experiences of interprofessional communication with general practitioners concerning medication management in Austria: a qualitative study (2020).

Heidecker, Verena: Factors influencing and prevalence of treatment adherence in children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease: A systematic review (2020).

Ladurner, Omar: Views, experiences and expectations of patients in the use of medical cannabis in the South Tyrol region of Italy (2020).

Sun, Qian: A systematic review of the roles of primary care pharmacists in the management of heart failure patients (2020).

Reiter-Browne, Sara: A quantitative study to evaluate the clinical relevance of a pharmacist-led medication review service at a teaching hospital in Salzburg, Austria (2020).

Orisile, George: The effect of community pharmacy led public health interventions on health outcomes: A systematic review (2020).

Reschke, Elisabeth: Patient experience with the pharmacist-led preparation of the best possible medication history (BPMH) service at the Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg, Austria (2020).

Atkins, ONeil: Blood and Blood Products versus Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents in the treatment of anaemia in patients affected by Chronic Kidney Disease in two main hospitals in Guyana (2020).

Metzbauer, Wolfgang: Analysis of time management for performing medication reviews in community pharmacies in Austria (2020).

Palme, Veronika: General Practitioners’ views and expectations of interprofessional collaboration with community pharmacists in Austria: A qualitative study (2020).

Pirker, Magdalena: An exploration of the pharmaceutical care needs of elderly polypharmacy patients in the north-east of Austria (2020).

Was, Bartosz: Factors influencing giving informed consent for participation in oncology and haematology clinical trials of an investigational medicinal product in the north-east of Scotland (2020).

Deibl, Stefan: Barriers towards the Implementation of clinical pharmacy services in community pharmacies across Austria (2019)

Zotter, Simone: Implementing a clinical pharmacy service at a general practice surgery in Austria: An evaluation of the clinical significance and benefits of pharmacist-led interventions (2019).

Bisset, Jennifer Annette: To identify if the involvement of a prescribing pharmacist during the pre-operative stage of bariatric surgery reduces medication related patient harm (2019).

Thomson, Alison: A comparison of neutropenic sepsis occurrence in patients receiving systemic chemotherapy with filgrastim compared with lipegfilgrastim (2018).

O’Regan, Dervla: The impact of body weight in melphalan dosing in autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma (2018).

Niomas, Spyridon: An investigation of the experiences, beliefs and opinions of patients over 18 years old suffering from asthma/ COPD towards seasonal flu vaccination in Pefki, Greece. A cross-sectional study (2017)

Hegarty, Maura: Impact of Pharmacist screening of discharge prescriptions for older patients in an irish teaching hospital (2017).

Hah, Jin: A service evaluation to investigate the impact of a new workflow and awareness campaign to reduce missed doses associated with medication unavailability in renal, vascular , general surgery and transplant wards at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (2017)

Müller, Dora: Evaluation of the clinical significance and value of a clinical pharmacy service at a Viennese teaching hospital (2016).

Hall, Ruth Sara: An evaluation of prescribing and administration practice of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) in surgical wards at Victoria Hospital (VHK), NHS Fife (2016)

Agyemang, Douglas Osei: Treatment outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Effect of time and frequency of Thioguanine Nucleotide (TGN) monitoring in a specialist IBD clinic (2016).

McManus, Keelan: To determine the incidence of a clinically significant decrease in left ventricular rejection fraction (LVEF) in HER-2 positive female breast cancer patients treated with intravenous trastuzumab in the adjuvant and metastatic settings at St. James’s hospital, Dublin (2016).

Mitchell, Beverley Elizabeth: A comparison of pharmaceutical care issues identified in day-case patients receiving systemic anticancer treatment (SACT) pre and post implementation of comprehensive medication history taken by a cancer care pharmacist (2016).

McGee, Patrick James: Co-medications in an HIV outpatient clinic: The level of accurate recording of co-medications and the significance of identified drug interactions between co-medications and antiretrovirals (ARVS) in the outpatient HIV clinic of Beaumont hospital, Dublin (2015).

Hewitt, Jennie Jane: An audit of emesis management in cancer patients receiving systematic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) before and after implementation of a regional anti-emetic guideline within the ANCHOR unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (2015).

Murphy, Jane: Oral anticancer medicine prescriptions and related clinical pharmacy activities in an Irish hospital day ward-an evaluation (2015).

Seychell, Elaine: The implementation and evaluation of a clinical pharmacist-led medication reconciliation service in geriatric patients upon admission to the rehabilitation hospital Karin Grech, Pieta, Malta (2015).

Wylie, Jane: An exploration of the awareness, knowledge and understanding of medicine sick day rule cards amongst patients admitted to the actual medical admissions unit at Raigmore hospital (2015).

Pitcairn, Alice Mairi: An evaluation of a pharmacy technician led medication assessment service for patients of 4 GP surgeries in Dundee and Angus (2015).

Ali, Samina: To determine the levels of knowledge, awareness and attitudes of type 2 diabetes and its complications in Caucasian and south Asian type 2 diabetics and non-diabetics in a GP surgery in Glasgow (2014).

Yeung, Pui Yan: Knowledge and attitudes of community pharmacists in the Cambridgeshire area, united Kingdom regarding the provision of the emergency contraceptive pill by both over-the-counter (OTC) and patient group directions (PGD) (2014).

Bailey, Rosemarie Joan: Regulation of community pharmacies: A systematic review of new community pharmacy licensing process in Jamaica, the United States and the United Kingdom (2014)

Barlassina, Luigi: Views and attitudes of oral contraceptive users towards the availability of oral contraceptives without a prescription in the republic of Ireland (2014)

Dunn, John:  The implementation of an electronic Vancomycin prescribing chart with in-built calculator function within the hospital setting (2014).

Dickson, Fiona: Develop a process to support clinical pharmacists to provide feedback to hospital prescribers on the individual prescribing errors (2014).

Lynch, Nicola: Service users and providers’ view on metabolic side effects of clozapine: A mixed methods study (2013)

Barry, Maria: To assess the impact of lean methodologies on the efficiency of Pharmacy dispensing and staff satisfaction in a paediatric hospital Pharmacy department (2013).

Fenech, Fiona: Development of an oncology inpatient service at Sir Paul Boffa hospital, Malta: a pilot study (2013)

Seaneke, Obedia Akweley: HIV positive or negative outcome of post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and feeding on babies born to HIV positive mothers at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital (2011).

Wells, Lauren: development of a prioritisation tool for identifying potential pharmaceutical care issues in medical patients (2013).

Holland, Deirdre: A cross-sectional observational study of the potential contribution of the clinical pharmacist to discharge medication reconciliation at Naas General Hospital (2012)

Manduca, Emma: A cross-sectional study to determine the suitability of FRAX® hip assessment and intervention thresholds currently used in the UK, for the FRAX® model developed for MALTA (2012).

Da Silva, Nuno Marques: The impact of Pharmacist participation in a multidisciplinary team on oncology ward in St. Vincent ‘s private hospital (2011).

Nic Suibhine, Sinead: Toxicity and relative dose intensity of FOLFOX chemotherapy in patients, of differing body mass index, treated for adjuvant and metastatic colorectal cancer (2011).

Feeley, Kathryn: A retrospective cohort study to determine renal outcomes using sirolimus based immunosuppression versus calcineurin inhibitor based immunosuppression in liver transplant patients (2011).

Freeman, Martina: An investigation into the haematological and biochemical monitoring of inflammatory bowel disease patients under the care of the gastroenterologist at the royal Aberdeen children’s hospital who are prescribed azathioprine or 6-mercaptopurine, and a review of adverse drug reactions recorded (2011).

Huynh, Phuong Ngoc: An investigation of patients’ experiences of cancer therapy related oral mucositis and communication in relation to the management of this side effect (2010)

Gaffney, Gillian: Variations between pharmacist-and doctor-obtained medication histories and their potential clinical significance in patients admitted to our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (2011).

Grant, Carol: The provision of a clinical pharmacy service for outpatients prescribed oral anticancer medication in an Irish teaching hospital: an evaluation of clinical activities performed and community pharmacist’s perspectives (2010).

McIntosh, Trudi: An in-depth study into the views and attitudes of pre-registration trainee pharmacists who completed the Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree at the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (SoPALS), the Robert Gordon University (RGU), Aberdeen in 2009, towards a possible future role as pharmacist prescribers (2009).

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Spagl, Katharina


Professional healthcare services to improve desprescribing in polypharmacy patients under the age of 65years since the publication of the WHO Global patient safety challenge (across Europe): A scoping review.

Julia Schintler


Experiences and attitudes towards a best possible medication history (BPMH) conducted by pharmacy students in the hospital setting: A scoping review
Cornelia Prissmann  2022 What are the benefits and experiences with the implementation of value-added services in community pharmacy: a scoping review
Christina Mayr  2022 Delirium inducing medications in dementia patients
Lena Preßl 2023 Educational approaches for the interdisciplinary teaching of best possible medication history taking (BPMH): A scoping review
Christoph Ittlinger 2023 Gabapentin & bone health: Clinical evidence for a staggered administration of Calcium in patients taking Gabapentin or other modern antiepileptic drugs.

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Hochhold, Danielle

2022 (FT)

Nature and frequency of medication related problems in everyday community pharmacy practice: A national study in Austria

Stoll, Jasmin


Development of an ambulatory MedsCheck Service and associated cinical pharmacy competencies.

Michel, Dorothee


Implementation of medication reviews in German community pharmacies.

Brincat, Alison


Patient lived experiences with antineoplastic medicines in colorectal cancer.

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Mills, Pamela


Hospital Electronic Prescribing and medicines administration system implementation into a district general hospital: A mixed method evaluation of discharge communication

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