Special Sights

Social Programme and Special Sights

In addition to the scientific program we will offer a lively social program. As the conference will take place in the historic center of Innsbruck, there will be several opportunities for accompanying persons as well as for participants sneaking out of the lecture rooms to experience summer in Innsbruck and Tyrol.



© Innsbruck Tourismus: Bergisel Sprungschanze

© Innsbruck Tourismus


The Bergisel hill boasts this architecturally successful attraction with a fantastic outlook and panoramic view of the Tyrolean capital. It has become both a new meeting point and a destination for all locals in the south of Innsbruck, as well as a new tourist highlight for guests and visitors, combining culture and sports together.

In the museum, visitors embark on an exciting journey through major stages of Tyrolean history and cultural history, and on a search for the “myth of Tyrol”.

The hill itself is a historic site, scene of the 1809 battles in which Andreas Hofer led some Tyrolean peasants against French and Bavarian forces in the Tyrolean War of Independence. The first ski jump was erected here in the year 1925. And in 1964 and 1976, the Innsbruck Ski Jump was venue of the Olympic Ski Jumping competitions.

In 2002 Zaha Hadid designed what is already considered a tourist attraction that should be on the itinerary of every visitor to Innsbruck. The Tower stands 47 meters tall and provides spectacular views.  The new facilities now can hold 28,000 spectators. Each year, the refurbished Bergisel Stadium plays host to the annual Four Hills Tournament in January and to a Summer Grand Prix Jumping Event. All Bergisel Stadium facilities, including gondola, elevator, panoramic café, and vantage spot on the jumping platform are open to visitors. From the stylish Restaurant there are uninterrupted panoramic views of the lofty surrounding peaks of Patscherkofel, Nordkette, Hohe Munde and Serles.

Price per person:
Sight-Entrance Bergisel Ski Jump and Bergisel Panorama: € 11,-

Links Tyrol Panorama and Bergisel Ski Jump:
Tyrol Panorama and State Museum
Bergisel Ski Jump



© Innsbruck Tourismus: Nordkettenbahn Seegrube

© Innsbruck Tourismus


On Saturday evening we offer a cable car ride to the Hafelekar (2334 m, 7657 ft) in the north of Innsbruck. In no other place in the world is the dividing line between an urban area and rugged mountain terrain so thin. The new Nordkettenbahnen will transport visitors directly from the city center of Innsbruck to high mountain terrain in just twenty minutes.

The journey begins at 560 m above sea level not far from the heart of Innsbruck's old town with its historical buildings and the world-renowned "Goldenes Dachl" (Golden Roof), just next to the conference venue. Planned and designed by star architect Zaha Hadid, the cable car Hungerburg funicular with its unique stations sets new standards in international architecture. As the journey with the Panorama cable car continues along Seegrube and Hafelekar the picture changes. On reaching the upper station at 2256 m above sea level, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city of Innsbruck on the one side and the unforgettable vista of untouched, pristine nature on the other.

Price per person:
Cable car ride and Tyrolean meal in the Alpenlounge Seegrube: approx. € 55,- (end 23:00)

Link Nordkettenbahnen:
Nordkettenbahnen and Seegrube




Swarovski crystal-dome

© Swarovski crystal-dome


A water-spouting Giant that magically lures visitors into its interior, where Chambers of Wonder ignite beacons of imagination, has managed to become a globally-recognised work of art, while attracting more than 10 million visitors to date. Originally devised as a gift to employees, collectors, customers and partners in honour of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Swarovski in 1995, Swarovski Crystal Worlds, conceived by André Heller (an Austrian artist), have become a place where people from different backgrounds take pleasure in their astonishment that is as multi-faceted, spontaneous
and unadulterated as crystal itself.

Also open, a fantastic stage for cultural events, the world’s biggest
Swarovski shop in its visionary design and the CAFÉ-terra, where you
can enjoy an exquisite selection of food and drink. The creatively designed park invites you to linger a while as well – offering a maze, alpine garden, art objects and panoramic view.

Price per person:
Bus ride to Wattens and entrance fee: € 11,-

Swarovski Crystal World Wattens



Alpenzoo Innsbruck

© Alpenzoo Innsbruck


Not only does the zoo offer its visitors a spectacular view of Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains it is also home to over 2000 animals (150 species) which are or have been typical for the Alps. It is the only zoo in the world to devote itself specifically to this topic which is one of the reasons for its success. Our animals are housed in modern enclosures, going through aviaries, exiting outdoor terrariums and a large cold water aquarium.

A day at the Alpenzoo is a day of adventure and discovery for young and old. Watch the tiny harvest mouse climbing or the colourful alpine fish in the aquarium. Enjoy first hand the playful antics of our diving and swimming expert, the otter. You can listen  to the "chrup" calls of
the Northern Bald Ibis, the sweet song of the nightingale and every time
the church bells of Innsbruck ring our wolves start to howl.

Visit our animals at the show farm and enjoy them at close range. If you want to you can compare your arm span with the wing span of the Bearded Vulture or climb the climbing wall to „Geierwally´s Eagle Nest“. „Bear Playground“ will give your children a chance to wear themselves out, after all it takes a lot of courage to explore the Bear Cave and the wolf´s den.

Price per person:
Cable car ride to the Alpenzoo and entrance fee: € 11,-

Link Alpenzoo Innsbruck:
Alpenzoo Innsbruck


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