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Research Interest

The ONCOkinase lab is interested in several areas of basic research related to carcinogenesis and biotechnology.

  • We investigate compartmentalized kinase signaling pathways, particularly those involving PKA, RAF, MEK and RIPK downstream of receptor pathways. Understanding how these signaling molecules are spatially organized within cells helps us decipher their specific roles in cellular processes and disease development.
  • We explore the involvement of post-translational modifications, such as phosphorylation, ubiquitination, and acetylation, in redirecting second messenger-involved signal transmission. These modifications play critical roles in modulating the activity and localization of signaling proteins, and studying their effects helps us unravel the intricate mechanisms underlying cellular communication.
  • Our lab is engaged in drug discovery efforts targeting oncokinases, transcription factors, and GPCRs. By analyzing bioactive small molecules that selectively modulate these key players in disease pathways, we aim to contribute to the development of more effective therapies for various diseases, including cancer.
  • Lastly, we focus on generating unique cell-based reporter platforms that enable us to analyze the dynamics of protein and cancer drug interactions. These platforms provide a powerful tool for studying the efficacy and mechanism of action of potential therapeutic agents, as well as for identifying new targets for drug development.
Das Team von KinCon biolabs mit den Gründern Eduard Stefan und Philipp Tschaikner (vorne Mitte). Foto: Gregor Hofbauer
Team members from ONCOkinase lab & KinCon biolabs in the year 2022 (Valentina, Edi, Jakob, Philipp, Omar, Selina, Andreas). Foto: Gregor Hofbauer
Scientific Team Members
Oncokinase lab:
Andreas Feichtner, M.S.
Jakob Fleischmann, M.S.
Valentina Kugler, M.S.
Selina Schwaighofer, M.S.
PD Dr. rer. nat. Eduard Stefan
Sophie Strich, M.S.
Recent Grant Support

Austrian Science Fund P35159 (2021-2024)
FFG Bridge ‘MitoKin’ (2020-2023)
Austrian Science Fund P32960 (2020-2023)
FFG Spin-off Fellowship (2019-2021)
Austrian Science Fund P30441 (2018-2021)
Austrian Science Fund P27606 (2015-2018)
Austrian Science Fund P22608 (2010-2015)
Tyrolean Science Fund
SFB-F44 (initial funding)





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