University of Innsbruck

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Technikerstraße 13
6020 Innsbruck


7th floor Civil Engineering Building,
room 722b

Office hours:
Monday: 10:00 - 11:00


+43 512 507 53871

Ecaterina Sava-Huss


square_blue.pngPostdoc and PhD Students

  • Hanna Oppelmayer, postdoc 09/2022-08/2024.
  • Yuwen Wang; postdoc 10/2021-03/2024.
PhD students
  • Robin Kaiser (PhD student since March 2022).

square_blue.pngMaster Theses

  • Georg Fischer (ongoing)
    Thesis: to decide.
  • Martin Klötzer (ongoing, together with Hanna Oppelmayer)
    Thesis: Boundaries of random walks on groups.
  • Matthias Schmatz (ongoing)
    Thesis: Quasi-stationarity of finite Markov chains.
  • Andreas Mair (ongoing, together with Tim Netzer)
    Thesis: On quantum random walks.
  • Andrea Niederkofler
    Thesis: Frog models of random walks. (2022)
  • Robin Kaiser
    Thesis: Sandpile models. (2022)
  • Barbara Laura Präg
    Thesis: Random graphs with applications to social networks. (2021)

square_blue.pngBachelor Theses

  • Lilly Schweiger
    Thesis: Stein's method and applications. (2023)
  • Tobias Graß
    Thesis: Polya urns. (2023)
  • Nadine Durnwalder
    Thesis: SIR epidemic models. (2023)
  • Mattea Pötzi
    Thesis: Stochastic games--the game of Hex, Hunter and Rabbit. (2022)
  • Elias Walder
    Thesis: Coupon collector's problem. (2022)
  • Georg Fischer
    Thesis: Markov chains and mixing times for card shuffling. (2021)
  • Morris-Luca Kühmeier
    Thesis: Branching processes. (2021)
  • Joshua Haag
    Thesis: Simple random walks on integer lattices. (2020)

I am currently supervising Bachelor and Master Theses in the area of stochastics at the University of Innsbruck. A (not updated) list with possible topics can be found here Topics for master theses. If you have any other suggestions, I would be happy to accomodate you, if this fits in my area of expertise. Just come for a chat (virtual one) and we can find something suitable, depending on your mathematical interests.
If you have good programming skills, there are several topics available that involve simulations (Python, R, or whatever you want) of random processes.

General information and requirements: The courses Stochastics 1 and Stochastics 2 are needed (=passed) for the topics that involve stochastic processes. The thesis can be written in English or German. A list with available/potential topics can be found here Topics for bachelor thesis.

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