Trento Innsbruck European Research Seminars


University of Innsbruck | Department of Italian Law
University of Trento | Faculty of Law
University of Bozen-Bolzano | Faculty of Economics and Management
2018 till 2019
Project type Seminars
Project context/

The two cross-border and interdisciplinary seminars brought together students (ca. 40 altogether) and teachers from the three Euregio Universities. At each seminar, selected students presented their research to peers and supervisors, while the other students were invited to actively participate. In the discussions that followed the presentations, the presenters received critical input for their seminar papers and theses (Innsbruck) and the presentation of their theses in the final examination (Trento and Bozen/Bolzano). Among the topics selected, the board of coordinators privileged those with a regional and subnational dimension as well as fundamental rights, cross-border cooperation and democratic participation. Researchers from Eurac Research were also involved as keynote speakers and regular participants. 

Learning objectives
The seminars offered a unique opportunity for discussing topics related to European integration among peers and supervisors from different universities and with different disciplinary backgrounds. This learning objective has been fully reached: the awareness for the potential of cross-border initiatives (and the role of the EGTC herein) has been raised and the opportunity for networking among students and faculty has been used and appreciated.
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