Alexander Langer’s Legacy. Ethical and Political Ways towards Sustainability

University of Trento | Department of Humanities
University of Innsbruck | Department of Philosophy
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano | Faculty of Economics and Management
August 2019 till Juni 2022

The three-day seminar for master's degree students and doctoral students, dedicated to the figure and work of Alexander Langer, invited students to reflect on some crucial current and future issues such as the climate and environmental crisis, the social and individual responsibility towards environmental harms, the problem of how to motivate people to adopt a more sustainable life style, etc. This was made by referring, in a free manner, to Alexander Langer's legacy. The figure of Langer has been valued first in his being a tireless mediator, for whom "living politically" meant being the element of relationship, the ‘bridge’, in every possible conflict.

Critical reflection on issues of environmental ethics, politics and human rights.


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