Univ.-Prof. Dr. Fred Berger

Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck
Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft
Liebeneggstr. 8, A-6020 Innsbruck
    Room 02-05 (2nd floor)


Main Profile




Selected projects in alphabetical order:

Growing up in the Zillertal. Regional Longitudinal Studies of Adolescents in Tyrol
Authors: F. Berger, W. Hagleitner, L. Jesacher-Rößler, C. Kraler, S. Roßnagl & C. Schreiner

Classroom Management, Learning and Wellbeing in Lower Secondary School
Author: F. Berger

Distance Learning and Psychosocial Wellbeing of Students in Higher Education During the Pandemic: University of Innsbruck Corona Study
Authors: F. Berger, G. Gniewosz, W. Hagleitner, J. Jegg, S. Roßnagl

Evaluation of the Austrian activity programme “European Year of Youth”
F. Berger & S. Gadinger

Evaluation of the Austrian National Agency for the EU Youth Education Programme “Erasmus+ Youth in Action”
Authors: F. Berger, A. Walch, I. Wieser & M. Guse

Evaluation of the School System of Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
Authors: G. Stöckli, F. Berger, R. Schweizer, S. Larcher & M. Waldis

Evaluation of the Psychological and Social Paedagogical Support System of a City in Switzerland
Author: F. Berger

Impact of the Corona Pandemic on Youth Work in Europe. A Study Within the Monitoring of European Youth Programmes in Austria
Authors: F. Berger & S. Gadinger

Intergenerational Relationships in Emerging Adulthood
Authors: F. Berger, M. Herrmann, J. Sommer & S. Mark

LifE3G Interlinked Life Courses From Childhood to Late Adulthood in the Context of Three Generations
Authors: F. Berger, W. Lauterbach, H. Fend & U. Grob

Monitoring of Erasmus+ Youth in Action in Liechtenstein – Programme Periods 2014 to 2020 and 2021 to 2027
Authors. F. Berger & S. Gadinger

Scientific Evaluation of the European Erasmus+ Youth Education Programmes in Austria 2021-2027
Authors: F. Berger & S. Gadinger

Social Competencies and Violence in Primary School
Authors: F. Berger & R. Halbright

Swiss Survey of Children and Youth (COCON – Competence and Context)
Author: Jacobs Center, University of Zurich, Switzerland, F. Berger (external expert)

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