In our research, we deal with migration-conditioned change in society from the perspective and the experience of migration. The aim is to radically rethink the phenomenon of migration as a society-moving, society-forming and educating force and also to render visible breaks, ambiguities and marginalised memories that should not be located at the margin of society but express central social relations. Such a shift in perspective means in particular a critical discussion of practices of discrimination, racism and social power relations.

With regard to our rather qualitative research praxis, we address migration, diversity and education. The focus lies on migration-conditioned processes of transformation, both in relation to institutions and in relation to subjective practices of positioning. 

 Selected research projects:

  • Increasing Social Effectiveness Through Innovative Methods and Tools in Non-formal Education-based Youth Work: Turkey, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain (funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+)
  • D-A-CH Project: Political Literacy in the Migration Society. An ethnographic study of political practice in schools in the cities of Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich (funded by the German Research Society (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG), Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, FWF), Swiss National Fund (SNF))
  • Gesichter der Migration. Jugendliche erforschen gemeinsam ihre familiale Migrationsgeschichte (Faces of Migration. Adolescents examine their family migration histories together) (funded by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research in the framework of the Sparkling Science research programme)
  • Migration von Räumen – Identität durch Architektur im Kontext türkischer Remigration (Migration of spaces – Identity through architecture in the context of Turkish remigration) (funded by the Volkswagen Foundation in Germany)
  • D-A-CH Project: Life Strategies of Migrant Families in Marginalised Urban Areas (funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF), Swiss National Fund (SNF))
  • Muslimische Alltagspraxis in Österreich. Ein Kompass zur religiösen Diversität (Muslim everyday practice in Austria. A compass for religious diversity) (a common research project with the University of Vienna/Institute for Islamic Studies)
  • Film project: Adolescents about their migration histories, life circumstances and views of their future (funded by the initiative Vielfalter)
  • Aus der Not eine Zukunft machen? Lebensentwürfe von Jugendlichen mit Migrationshintergrund aus marginalisierten Stadtvierteln (Making a future from necessity? Life plans of adolescents with a migrant background from marginalised neighbourhoods) (funded by the Jubiläumsfonds of the Austrian Central Bank)
  • Alpen-Adria-Raumpraxis (Alps-Adria spatial praxis) (funded by the private foundation of Kärntner Sparkasse)
  • Firmen als Orte der Diversität (Companies as sites of diversity) (funded by Infineon)
  • Diversität auf den zweiten Blick. Internationale Ressourcen in Kärnten (Diversity at a second glance. International resources in Carinthia) (funded by the private foundation of Kärntner Sparkasse)
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