Univ.Prof. DDr. Jürgen Huber

born September 15th 1974 in Braunau/Inn, Austria
Tel: ++43/512/507/73002
Sprechstunde/Consultation hours: please make an appointment by mail.


Fields of Research

Experimental Economics and Finance, Behavioral Finance, Bubbles, Value and Valuation of Information, Market Microstructure, Asymmetric Information, Empirical Properties of Financial Markets ("stylized facts"), Transaction Taxes, Prediction Markets


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Papers in refereed Journals

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Contributions to books

Huber, J., (2012), Finanzwirtschaft in der Krise. in: Asset Management, Festschrift für Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. rer. pol. Klaus Spremann zur Emeritierung, Roman Frick, Pascal Gantenbein und Peter Reichling (Hrsg.), Haupt Verlag Bern-Stuttgart-Wien: 60-67

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Toth, B., Scalas, E., Huber, J., and Kirchler, M., (2006), Agent-based simulation of a double-auction market with heterogeneously informed agents, forthcoming in Proceedings of Potentials of Complexity Science for Business, Governments and the Media 2006 Conference

Huber, J., Kirchler, M., Sutter, M. (2004), On the marginal benefit of additional information in markets with heterogenously informed agents - an experimental study. in: Nonlinear dynamics and heterogeneous interacting agents, WEHIA 2003 Proceedings, Lux, T., Reitz, S. (Ed.),  Heidelberg, Springer Verlag: 41-52.

Filzmaier, P., Beyrl, M., Hauser, F., and Huber, J. (2003), Ein taugliches Prognoseinstrument? Die TT-Wahlbörse zur Tiroler Landtagswahl 2003. Tiroler Jahrbuch für Politik 2003: 178-192.



•    FWF-Research Grant F6304-G29 „Decision Making of Financial Professionals“ (€612.000, 2017-2021)
•    FWF-Research Grant P29362-G27 „The Reproducibility of Experimental Economics“ (€304.420, 2016-2019)
•    Pater Johannes Schasching SJ-Preis 2016
•    OeNB-Research Grant 14953 "Towards better Market Models in Experimental Finance" (€180.000, 2013-2016)
•    Forschungspreis der Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse 2015
•    FWF-Research Grant P20609-G11 „Three Minimal Market Institutions: Theory and Experiments“ (€97.550, 2008-2010)
•    OeNB-Research Grant 12789 „Eine experimentelle Studie zur Bedeutung von Unsicherheit in Finanzmärkten“ (€95.000, 2008-2010)
•    Tiroler Wissenschaftsfonds Grant "Informationen und Renditen in experimentellen Finanzmärkten" (€ 8.728, 2008-2010)
•   Lehreplus! "Rector's honorary award for excellent teaching 2008
•    Research Grant (Hypo Tirol Bank) for „Experimental studies on the value of information in a double auction market with information costs” (2008)
•    Research Grant (D. Swarovski) for „Three Minimal Market Institutions: Theory and Experimental Evidence” (2008)
•    Teacher of the Year 2007 (Faculty of Business and Management )
•    Liechtenstein-Award 2007 (Principality Liechtenstein)
•    Research Grant  of the Tyrolean Science Funds for „Information and Return in financial markets” (2007)
•    Dr. Alois Mock-Wissenschaftspreis 2006
•    Research Grant (D. Swarovski) for “The value of information in experimental asset markets with heterogeneous traders” University of Innsbruck (2006)
•    Erwin-Schrödinger-Auslandsstipendium (Scholarship for Yale) 2006
•    Support grant by the Austrian Chamber of Business, 2006
•    Research Grant for “Information and return in experimental financial markets” by the University of Innsbruck (€20.000, 2005-2007)
•    Research Grant for “Information and financial markets”, Aktion Tiroler Wirtschaftskammer, by the University of Innsbruck (2005)
•    Dr. Otto-Seibert Preis 2004
•    Research Grant for “On the Usefulness of Information in Markets” by the University of Innsbruck (2002)
•    Leistungsstipendium (Grant of Achievement), University of Innsbruck 1998
•    International Study Scholarship by the Republic of Austria (1996/97)
•    Support Grant for International Studies in the U.S.A. by the regional government of Upper Austria (1996/97)
•    1st out of 450 students in Ranking for the international study program (1996)

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