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Techno-functional approaches to extracting and processing mineral resources


Photos: A.Abar, I. Caricola, S. Hageneuer


Since palaeolithic times, humans have mined and processed mineral resources using a variety of stone tools. Their analysis allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the involved individuals' knowledge and techniques. It also provides us with data from which we can make inferences about the social and economic structuration of the groups involved.

In order to address such questions, archaeologists are confronted with a multitude of problems that cannot be resolved through purely stylistic analysis. The use of traceology, controlled experimental archaeology, and natural science analyses plays a complementary role in providing a rich toolbox of both qualitative and quantitative methods. By using them, we can analyse macroscopic and microscopic traces, which in turn can be used for drawing further conclusions.


Bringing together all interested researchers, from PhD students to established experts, this symposium will allow all participants to present tools specific to mining and processing, to discuss problems, and to generally advance research in this field.


To register for the symposium, please send a 300-word abstract (in English) to info-himat@uibk.ac.at by 15 July 2023.
Contributors will receive a response to the provided email account.

Having planned to publish full papers in a peer-reviewed journal, invitation for a presentation does not automatically imply acceptance for publication.


Conference organization: Aydin Abar and Isabella Caricola
Administration assistance: Lisa Obojes

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