Bernadette Zelger
Mag. iur. (Innsbruck), LL.M. (London)
Assistant Professor (Universitätsassistentin)
Recipient of a DOC-Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Department of European Law and Public International Law
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52, 6020 Innsbruck

Room 3035
Tel.:  +43 512 507-81506


Bernadette Zelger is a graduate from University of Innsbruck (Mag.a iuris), King's College London (Postgraduate Diploma in EU Competition Law) and Queen Mary University of London (LL.M. Competition Law) and obtained her qualification as a lawyer in Austria as an Associate with Schoenherr Attorneys at Law and WOLF THEISS Attorneys at Law, two Austrian based full service law firms with headquarters in Vienna and offices in CEE. Besides working at the law firm, she did a Long Distance Programme in EU Competition Law at King's College London (academic year 2013/2014) and passed the Austrian Bar Exam in 12/2014. After completion of her qualification she was part of the LL.M. programme with a specialization in Competition Law at Queen Mary University London (academic year 2016/2017), where she graduated with distinction. While studying in London, Bernadette has also been working as a Project Research Assistant (4/2017-9/2017) for Professor Ioannis Kokkoris holding a Chair in Law and Economics at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, UK. After her time in London, she spent five months at the European Commission, DG COMPETITION, Unit E1 – Antitrust, Pharma and Health Services, in Brussels, Belgium. Since October 2018 she is conducting her doctoral studies in law at the University of Innsbruck (research field: European Competition Law, European Law, Commercial Law; supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr Walter Obwexer). Furthermore, in 2019, she worked as Project Research Assistant for Assoz.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Manfred Büchele (1-6/2019) and as Assistant Professor (Univ.-Ass.) for Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Schopper (7-12/2019) at the Department of Commercial Law and Tax Law, University of Innsbruck. Since August 2020, after a period of six months as Legal Counsel at the Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg, Bernadette is currently conducting research for her doctoral thesis as an Assistant Professor (Universitätsassistentin) and Recipient of a DOC-Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the Department of European Law and Public International Law. The title of her project is: 'Effects' in EU Competition Law – A critical analysis of the meaning of 'effects' in the establishment of Article 101 and 102 infringements in light of the impact of changes in the economic environment and reality due to digitization.



Manfred Büchele/Lars Kerbler/Bernadette Zelger (2019) The Law of Closed Companies in the European Region Tyrol-South-Tyrol-Trentino (Monograph, Jan Sramek Verlag), 114 pages.

Articles and Contributions

Bernadette Zelger (2022) The Right to Be Forgotten in the European Union – Towards a Uniform Approach?, forthcoming Global Privacy Law Review, Issue 2/2022.

Bernadette Zelger (2021) Die gesetzliche Buchpreisbindung – Wettbewerbsbeschränkung oder mit dem Kartellrecht vereinbar?, forthcoming ZUM (Journal of Copyright and Media Law), Issue 12/2021.

Bernadette Zelger (2021) Zum Entwurf der überarbeiteten Vertikalen Gruppenfreistellungsverordnung und den überarbeiteten Vertikalen Leitlinien – Ein kritischer Überblick, forthcoming ÖZK (Austrian Competition Journal), Issue 5/2021.

Bernadette Zelger (2021) Der Begriff des 'Unternehmens' im europäischen Datenschutzrecht – Vorbild europäisches Kartellrecht?, EuR (European Law) 2021, 493-510.

Bernadette Zelger (2021) The Principle of ne bis in idem in EU Competition Law, Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb (Competition Law and Economics) 2021, 261-268 (WUW1358074).

Stefan Mumelter/Bernadette Zelger (2020) Challenges in Asylum Law Procedures – A Practitioner’s Perspective, in: Bußjäger/Gsodam (Hg), Migration und Europäische Union: Multi-Level-Governance als Lösungsansatz (2020), 143-155.

Bernadette Zelger (2020) By Object or Effect Restrictions – Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements in light of Lundbeck, Servier and Generics, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, Volume 12, Issue 4, April 2021, Pages 273–283.

Bernadette Zelger (2020) Der privilegierte Erwerb von Kfz-Abstellplätzen durch Wohnungseigentümer (§ 5 Abs 2 WEG) vor dem Hintergrund der Entscheidung des OGH zu 5 Ob 223/19h, Wohnrechtliche Blätter 33, 359-362.

Bernadette Zelger (2020) EU Competition Law and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction – a critical Analysis of the ECJ's Judgement in Intel, European Competition Journal, 16:2-3, 613-627.

Bernadette Zelger (2018) Restrictions of online sales and vertical agreements: Bundeskartellamt vs. Commission? Why Coty and Asics are compatible, European Competition Journal, 14:2-3, 445-461.

Bernadette Zelger (2018) The ‘Effect on Trade’ Criterion in European Union State aid Law: a Critical Approach, European State Aid Law Quarterly, Issue 1, 28-42.

Bernadette Zelger (2017) 'By object' restrictions pursuant to Article 101(1) TFEU: A clear matter or a mess, and a critical analysis of the Court's judgement in Expedia?, European Competition Journal, 13:2-3, 356-389.

Bernadette Zelger (2016) Rechtliche Beiträge in "Der Tod des Maklers – und seine Rückkehr als Held", Heimo Rollett (Linde), 39-41, 92-94, 181-189.

Hanno Wollmann/Bernadette Zelger (2013-2014) Quarterly Reports on Developments in National Competition Laws, in Zschocke/Rayle/Beninca et al. (Hg), Developments in National Competition Laws 1996-2015, Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb (Competition Law and Economics), Collected Edition (Frankfurt am Main, 2016).

Ayla Ilicali/Bernadette Zelger (2013) Austria: The New Real Estate Income Tax – Yet Another Tax to Pay, Schoenherr Roadmap 2013.

Book Reviews

Bernadette Zelger (2020) Book Review: Stucke, Maurice E./Ezrachi, Ariel, Competition Overdose – How Free Market Mythology Transformed Us from Citizen Kings to Market Servants, Harper Business 2020, 416 S., ISBN 978-0062892836, Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb (Competition Law and Economics) 2021, 30 (WUW1344268).


DOC-Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Scholarship (Förderstipendium) of the University of Innsbruck (academic year 2019/2020)

Invited Academic Talks / Presentations

Euregio Symposium: The Law of Closed Corporations, 24-25 May 2019, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Panel on Formation & Startups (Discussion)

4th Conference of Young European Law Scholars (YELS) 2021, 20-21 May 2021, University of Zurich (held ONLINE)
Back to the Beginnings: Revisiting the Preambles of European Treaties. Panel III: EU Internal Market - "The Social , the Market and the Preambles of the Treaties of the European Union"

ASCOLA Annual Conference 2021, 1-3 July 2021, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto) (held ONLINE)
Main Track Panel V: "The Principle of ne bis in idem in EU Competition Law"
Adjacent Session 6: "Object Restrictions and Sporting Rules -  A critical Analysis of the Decision in International Skating Union v Commission"

Conference of Young Public Law Scholars in Austria (Tagung der österreichischen Assistentinnen und Assistenten des Öffentlichen Rechts), 15 October 2021, WU Wien
Recht im (Um)bruch - (Um)bruch im Recht - "Der Begriff des Unternehmens im Europäischen Datenschutzrecht


Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA)

Woman in Competition Law Network Austria (WCNA)

Research interests

  • European Law
  • European Competition Law
  • National Competition Laws
  • European State Aid Law
  • Commercial Law


  • German
  • English
  • French


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