Universität Innsbruck


Bota­ni­sches Kol­lo­quium 06.12.23

Biocrusts from the High Arctic: microbial community composition and their potential functions

Dr. Ekaterina Pushkareva


Char­lotte Per­mann

Sexual Reproduction in Zygnematophyceae (Charophyta)

11.12.2023, 09:30

Bota­ni­sches Kol­lo­quium 17.01.24

The role of seed metabolism and molecular composition of spermosphere in shaping microbial dynamics

Assoc. Prof. Loic Rajjou

Bota­ni­sches Kol­lo­quium 24.01.24

Distribution of genetic diversity in response to the multi-facetted evolutionary forces, exemplified by the emblematic Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra)

Dr. Felix Gugerli Kuenzle

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