Introducing: Christian König gen. Kersting | PostDoc in the Project Part “Science as a Credence Good” 

koenigChristian König gen. Kersting from Germany has been working as a PostDoc at the University of Innsbruck since 2019 and joined the SFB for the second funding period in March 2021. He started his academic career at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management with the initial plan to work in the finance industry. Things went differently, and Christian developed a strong interest in economics and quantitative methods that motivated him to continue with a Master in Heidelberg where he got involved in planning, programming, and conducting economic laboratory experiments. He also finished his doctorate degree with a focus on behavioral finance in Heidelberg before joining the Department for Banking and Finance in Innsbruck. 

Christian is particularly interested in decision making under risk and uncertainty and how these decisions are made for others. He has recently worked on a broader set of topics involving social norms, climate change mitigation, and meta-science. 

Christian is living in Innsbruck together with his wife Carina who is the coordinator of the Digital Science Center at the University of Innsbruck. He likes to travel, meet friends, read, and play video games. 


Word rap

Innsbruck - Mountains

Experiments - Laboratory

Economics - Incentives

Biggest societal problem? - Unwillingness to change

Wiener Schnitzel or Couscous? - Schnitzel

Snowy mountains or sandy beaches? - Sandy beaches (Aloha!)

Skiing, cycling, shopping or couch surfing? - Cycling


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