Conference LeKo - Lexical combinations and typified speech in a multilingual context


University of Innsbruck

February 11th - 13th 2016

Karl-Rahner-Platz 3

A-6020 Innsbruck


Organised by the  

Department of Romance Languages (Faculty of Humanities 2) of the University of Innsbruck


in collaboration with the


Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism of the European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC)


and the


Department of Didactics / Section for Language Didactics (Faculty "School of Education") of the University of Innsbruck

Organising Committee:

Christine Konecny (University of Innsbruck)

Erica Autelli (University of Innsbruck)

Andrea Abel (EURAC)

Lorenzo Zanasi (EURAC)

The conference is organised and realised in cooperation with the students participating in the course "Praxis based course on Romance cultural areas: How to plan, organise and realise an international scientific conference" (Link)

Programme Committee:

Andrea Abel (EURAC), Erica Autelli (Univ. of Innsbruck), Paul Danler (Univ. of Innsbruck), Cosimo de Giovanni (Univ. of Cagliari), Barbara Hinger (Univ. of Innsbruck), Eduardo José Jacinto García (Univ. of Innsbruck), Sabine Koesters Gensini (Univ. of Rome "La Sapienza"), Christine Konecny (Univ. of Innsbruck), Carmen Konzett (Univ. of Innsbruck), Eva Lavric (Univ. of Innsbruck), Heidi Siller-Runggaldier (Univ. of Innsbruck), Lorenzo Zanasi (EURAC)

Our thanks go to:






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