Research of Benedikt Collinet
Research Interests

  • Gen, Ex, Jos-2 Kgs, Spatial Turn, Temple, Kingship and Prophethood.
  • (Biblical) Hermeneutics: currently "Karl Rahner and the Bible" (planned completion 2023)
  • Reader-Response Criticism and Interpretation: currently "The Inner-Biblical Reception of the Book of Exodus in the Deuterocanonicals" (Habilitation topic; planned completion 2022)
  • Bible & Liturgy: currently "Years of the Bible" (2018-2021) (Third Mission).
  • Theology of Creation, e.g. Ecology and Spirituality
  • The Christian Bible in Dialogue (with other Religions; as Cultural Foundation of Europe; with Believers), currently "Bible Texts in Religious Education" (ed. in coop.)
  • History of Research in Old Testament Studies: currently Anthology on Alois Musil (planned publication  2021).

The complete overview of research activity can be found under the tab "Teaching" or "Activities".


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