Entanglement Theory & Quantum Information Theory

Our group is located at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. We are working on several different topics within Quantum Information Theory.

Our main research interests are fundamental problems in Quantum Information Theory. We focus on the development of new theoretical tools for the investigation of quantum many-body systems. One of the aims is the characterization of the entanglement and complexity properties of multipartite systems. We are investigating new applications of multipartite entanglement and novel tools for the generation and manipulation of multipartite entangled states in specific experimental set-ups, like trapped ions or atoms in optical lattices.


February 2020 (left to right: Antoine Neven, Eda Harmanci, Jose Carrasco, Martin Hebenstreit, Matthias Englbrecht, David Gunn, Albert Rico Andres, Barbara Kraus, Marc Langer)



February 2019 (left to right: David Gunn, David Sauerwein, Martin Hebenstreit, Matthias Englbrecht, Barbara Kraus)



May 2018 (left to right: Farid Shahandeh, Barbara Kraus, Martin Hebenstreit, Raphael Brieger, David Sauerwein, Leonhard Czarnetzki, Katharina Schwaiger)


December 2017 (left to right: Raphael Brieger, Yaiza Aragones Soria, Martin Hebenstreit, Katharina Schwaiger, David Sauerwein, Leonhard Czarnetzki, Barbara Kraus)

FG Kraus

November 2016 (left to right: Barbara Kraus, David Sauerwein, Martin Hebenstreit, Raphael Brieger, Yaiza Aragones Soria, Katharina Schwaiger)


March 2013

March 2015 (left to right and top to bottom: Barbara Kraus, Cornelia Spee, David Sauerwein, Martin Hebenstreit, Elke Wölflmaier, Walter Boyajian, Katharina Schwaiger, Michalis Skotiniotis)


March 2013

March 2013 (left to right: Katharina Schwaiger, Barbara Kraus, Walter Boyajian, Cornelia Spee, Tatjana Carle, Michalis Skotiniotis, Elke Wölflmaier, Christoph Spengler, Marti Cuquet)


December 2012December 2012

Group members:

Former members:

  • Eda Harmanci, BSc
  • Albert Rico Andres, MSc
  • Leonhard Czarnetzki, MSc 
  • David Sauerwein, PhD
  • Farid Shahandeh, PhD
  • Katharina Schwaiger, PhD
  • Raphael Brieger, MSc
  • Yaiza Aragones Soria, MSc
  • Walter Boyajian, PhD
  • Dr. Tatjana Carle
  • Dr. Marti Cuquet
  • Dr. Julio de Vicente
  • Dr. Michalis Skotiniotis
  • Dr. Christoph Spengler
  • Clemens Streitberger



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