Connection Page (Properties dialog box)

Data Compression reduces the amount of data transferred across the ICA session. Data compression is enabled by default.

Disk Cache for Bitmaps stores commonly-used graphical objects such as bitmaps in a local disk cache on the client computer to improve performance. The Disk cache is enabled by default.

SpeedScreen improves performance of slow connections by reducing latency. The default setting is Auto for both Mouse Click Feedback and Local Text Echo. Local Text Echo accelerates display of the input text, effectively shielding you from experiencing latency on the network. Mouse Click Feedback provides visual feedback of a mouse-click, in that the mouse pointer is immediately changed to an hourglass indicator.

Encryption Level sets the minimum level of encryption that will be used with ICA sessions. The default setting is Basic. If a higher level of encryption is set here than is set by the Citrix server, the server level will be used.

Connect Via SOCKS Proxy allows you to make connections via a SOCKS Proxy server. When the option is enabled you must type the Address and Port of the server in the boxes.

Linux, SPARC, HP & IBM

Select Enable Sound to enable sound support. Select High, Medium, or Low quality depending on the available bandwidth. The higher the sound quality, the more bandwidth is used.

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