Michaela Neulinger's Research

  • Epistemic and hermeneutic questions concerning the secular and the religious
  • Historical and contemporary practices of interreligious and intercultural encounter
  • Developing models which do not only manage religions, but can refer to them as resources of peaceful coexistence


My research crosses the borders between systematic theology and political philosophy. It particularly focuses on the possible contribution of religion to the common good. As a theologian I am in a critical and productive dialogue with the “signs of the time”. Thus my research is very much interested in encounters with Islam and Muslims in Europe both on a theological and a socio-political level. I intensively work with models of secularisation/secularism and political liberalism as well as its critique. My goal is to develop theoretical and practical approaches which contribute to a fruitful relocation of religion(s) within the peace-project Europe.  

Functions and Memberships beyond the University of Innsbruck 

Pluriel: Member of the Coordination Team

Hest-Cluster Christian-Muslim-Relations: Coordinator together with Gonzalo Villagrán SJ and Tobias Specker

Frauenkommission der Diözese Innsbruck: Board Member Diocesan Women’s Commission


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