From November 2022 onwards for all MA/PhD-students – “Transfertalk: Übergang Studium – Praxis – Beruf“ (Transfer talk: transition from studying to practice to profession)

What should I do after my studies? Do I want to work in science or look for a job in business? Where can I find a suitable internship? Which industry could I imagine myself in? Would I like to start my own business one day? What skills do I still lack to be able to plan and shape my future professional life?

The team at the Transfer Office Science - Economy - Society at the University of Innsbruck - a colourful bunch of academics with the most diverse training and life paths - knows its way around the university but is also very well connected to the economy and society. We offer personal and, at best, inspiring talks on the many questions surrounding the transition from study to practice to career. These free and confidential 1:1 talks are intended to complement, not replace, traditional career guidance or exchanges with your teachers. Perhaps you would like to join us for a coffee to exchange your thoughts about the future?

As of now, you can arrange an appointment for a 45-minute talk (analogous or online) with our team by writing to More information at


University of Innsbruck

Transfer Office Science – Economy - Society

Technikerstr. 21a (ICT-Gebäude)

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