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The University of Innsbruck is the only Austrian university and one of the few full universities in Europe to have been awarded by the European Commission both the "Diploma Supplement" and now – for the first time – the ECTS Label. This award acknowledges the University's efforts within the context of the Bologna Process.


Transparency, Quality and Internationalization

As one of the key tools of the Bologna Process, the Diploma Supplement provides information for international transparency and improved recognition of academic and professional qualifications. The Diploma Supplement describes the qualities, level, context, content and type of completed program of study. A sample can be seen on the Diploma Supplement information page.

Moreover, all relevant information (prerequisites for further studies, qualification profiles, occupational fields, etc.) has been updated, translated into English and incorporated into the study program profiles available online. The complete range of academic programs offered by the University of Innsbruck is now presented uniformly, available to interested parties since the end of 2013.

In addition to the description of study programs, the complete description of all courses (including examination requirements, objectives, etc.) in German and in English, amounting to approx. 4000 courses per semester, has become a become an essential part of the visible presentation of the University of Innsbruck to the international public.


The clearly structured, uniform and comprehensive description of all Bologna-compliant academic programs allows students to assess and compare options at the University of Innsbruck within the context of European higher education. Joint projects and international agreements, especially in regard to student mobility, are thus also facilitated.

Achieving these labels required the efforts of staff members from the many different areas of the University that assist students and ensure that the institution runs smoothly. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland Psenner, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching, emphasizes: "As part of this process, we have developed and implemented cross-departmental processes that may not have been directly connected with the label, but ultimately benefit all students as a result of improved organizational communication and functioning."

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