Quality AuditsThe University of Innsbruck was the first Austrian university to authorize the Swiss OAQ Centre of Accreditation and Quality Assurance to thoroughly check its quality management system. The result: Our university is optimally positioned for maintaining and strengthening its high standards in teaching and research.

The quality management system of the University of Innsbruck is certified – this shows that the university has perfectly adjusted its internal processes to assure and improve quality. A first step in the evaluation was a self-report describing the system and assessing strengths and weaknesses. In June 2014 an on site visit of an expert team consisting of five persons that were chosen by OAQ took place.  One of the full-fledged members of the team was a student from Switzerland. It was the task of the group to check the statements made in the self-report and to prepare a basis for a decision. To do so more than 70 persons were interviewed. Students played an important role. They could discuss their assessments and concerns with the expert team in a separate meeting. The results and the resulting recommendations are summarized in an audit report that has been published in the Internet.

The certificate that has now been awarded is valid for seven years and must be renewed in autumn 2021. In the area of teaching the report highlights the work that has also resulted in the awarding of the ECTS-Label and the Diploma Supplement by the European Commission and “congratulates the University of Innsbruck to its work that makes it now possible to classify and compare the offer of the University of Innsbruck in the context of the European education system.” The certificate is awarded on two conditions that must be met by 2016. Firstly, study programmes must be periodically inspected by external experts in the future and secondly the university has to take measures to better review the evaluation of the students and thus develop an audit culture. Both conditions are in accordance with projects that have already been initiated and are now further pursued.

For questions please contact:

Christian Huemer, Department of Quality Assurance in Teaching

Audit report: http://www.uibk.ac.at/rektorenteam/rektor/qm/qa2014/2014_qa-universitaet-innsbruck_bericht.pdf

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