Brave Soldier Schwejk (picture: ORF, actor: Fritz Muliar) is going to deliver Oberleutnant Lukasch´s letter to Mrs. Kakonyi. In a few seconds he accidentally will meet his old friend Vodicka, who does not like Hungarians, have some beer with him, then will deliver the letter during lunch time and wait for the answer. Unfortunately Mr. Kakonyi will read the letter and Brave Soldier Schwejk will tell him that he has fallen in love with his wife and that he has written the letter. Vodicka will defend Brave Soldier Schwejk from angry husband Kakonyi and start a fight with him and other Hungarians. Vodicka and Brave Soldier Schwejk soon will be arrested and Brave Soldier Schwejk will destroy the proof of Oberleutnant Lukasch´s attempted adultery by eating the letter at the police station. Rumors will say that Oberleutnant Lukasch tried to rape Mrs. Kakonyi during lunch in the presence of her husband. Legal action against Oberleutnant Lukasch will be abandoned, but he, his platoon and Brave Soldier Schwejk will be sent to the Russian front immediately.

Conclusion: Never have some beer with a friend, who does not like Hungarians!

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