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The course examines the regulation of digital technology by the European Union and introduces participants to legal tech.

After having completed the course, students will be able to

  • know legal rules that govern the use and development of new and emerging digital technologies in the European Union,
  • follow ongoing developments in this field of law,
  • draw on relevant information that is contained in legislation, policy documents, court cases and academic literature,
  • critically evaluate these rules in terms of coherence and practical effects
  • display a basic understanding of the opportunities and limits of legal tech in practice.


⇒ EU regulation of digital services and artificial intelligence – current developments          

⇒ Introduction to Legal Tech  

⇒ The rights of data subjects     

⇒ Data protection impact assessments    

Copyright in the Digital Single Market    

⇒ Antitrust law and digitalization     

⇒ Legal issues of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies 




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