The Sommertechnikum MINT at the University of Innsbruck allows women to get an impression about the science and economy as a MINT professional. The target group of this Sommertechnikum are school-girls at the age of 15 to 20. The girls should have primary interest in MINT-subjects and should like to acquire experience in this area.

MINT stands for mathematics, informatics and science. In the Sommertechnikum MINT this refers to the subjects : mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, civil & environmental engineering, mechatronics and geo & atmosperic science.

During the Sommertechnikum the school-girls have to do a combination of internship and summerschool. In detail this means that they have to attend a 1 week summerschool and a 3-4 weeks internship. The internship can be done at the university or at a company. With this 2 parts the school girls get a balanced overview about the theoretical and the practical part of the MINT area. The Sommertechnikum should facilitate the girl´s decision about their career and should make the MINT subjects more accessible to everyone.

As an inducement the girls get a certificate after they positive complete the Sommertechnikum. To positive complete the Sommertechnikum the girls have to take the summerschool and the 3 to 4 weeks internship.  

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