610020 SE Inside Mountains, Christian Quendler (Summer 2023)

610007 PS Never Just a Game: Sport and Play in American Literature, Eva-Maria Müller (Summer 2022)

610019 SE Ecocinema, Christian Quendler (Winter 2021/22)

610029 SE Mining Movies, Christian Quendler (Winter 2020/21)

610029 SE Mining Movies, Christian Quendler (Summer 2020)

610012 PS American Mountain / Film / Culture, Eva-Maria Müller (Winter 2019/20)

610028 SE Mediating Mountains, Christian Quendler (Winter 2019/20)

610021 Mountains and Movies (1896-1930), Christian Quendler (Winter 2017/18)

610021 Mountain/Film/Studies, Christian Quendler (Summer 2017)


BA and MA Theses

Batruel, Elina Pia. Alpinist Protagonists: Reframing the Hero in Contemporary Mountain Film (BA), Eva-Maria Müller, 2020.

Büttner, Maximilian. The Stage of the Mountains: A Transnational and Historical Survey of the Mountains as a Stage in 100 Years of Mountain Cinema (MA), Christian Quendler, 2019.

Mulser, Nadja. Girls Speak Wild – Indigenous and Western Women Communicate with Animals in Literature and Film (MA), Christian Quendler, 2022. Ausgezeichnet mit Kanada-Preis, 2022.

Lehmann, Benita. Transnational Mountain Cinema: Re-figuring Mountains in Force Majeure (2014), Mountain (2017), and Snowpiercer (2013) (MA), Christian Quendler, 2023.

Tiefenbach, Selina. The Athletic Sublime: An Ecocritical Reading of Lizzy Hawker’s Runner: A Short Story About a Long Run (MA), Christian Quendler, 2023.









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