FSP Fellowship
Workshop “Played Empathy”

What are the different conceptions of empathy that can be applied to games? How do games generate empathy, and how is this generation linked to their specific mediality? How does the concept of empathy change in machine-mediated digital games? These are just some of the questions Daniela Wentz (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Joseph MacLeod-Iredale (Manchester School of Art), Laura op de Beke (University of Oslo) and Marko Jevtic (University of Konstanz) will address with the participation of researchers from the University of Innsbruck in the final workshop of the FSP Fellowship “Played Empathy”.

Location: SR 40925
Time: 30.06., 10:15–18:00
Registration under gamestudies@uibk.ac.at
Language: English


10:15 Welcome

10:30 Game Examples with Comments:

  • Laura op de Beke & Marko Jevtic on Essays on Empathy
  • Joseph MacLeod-Iredale on The Mind
  • Christoph Singer on Depression Quest
  • Felix Tenhaef on That Dragon Cancer

12:30 Lunch Break

14:00 Protoyping a Game with Joseph MacLeod-Iredale

14:45 Short Break

15:00 Inputs and Presentations (hybrid stream)

  • Laura op de Beke on The Promise of VR and AR
  • Tobias Unterhuber on The History of Pedagogization of Games and Play
  • Daniela Wentz on Robotherapy
  • Carmen Morawetz on Empathy - A Neuroscience Perspective

15:45 Coffee Break

16:15 Text Discussion and Roundtable on Bonnie Ruberg's “Empathy and Its Alternatives” and Andrea M. Russworm's “Dystopian Blackness and the Limits of Racial Empathy in The Walking Dead and The Last of Us” (hybrid stream)

17:45 Closing Remarks (hybrid stream)

This year's fellowship program is organized by the Research Group “Game Studies” and is part of the annual fellowship programs of the research area “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts”.

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