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  •  A third call will be launched in October 2020.

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We welcome our new  international PhD researcher

[23.09.2020] We warmly welcome Ms. Nancy Pomaricy (Italy)  who is  working at the institute of general, inorganic and theoretical chemistry. 

A warm welcome to our new PhD researcher

[04.07.2020] We warmly welcome Ms. Elham Ghavidel from our first call, who finally managed to arrive from Iran. She is working in the nano-bio-physics group.

We welcome our new  international PhD researchers

[22.06.2020] We warmly welcome Ms. Dang-Thi Tham (Vietnam) and Mr. Alexander Moriggl (Italy) who are both working in the numerical analysis group as well as Mr. Victor Daropolous (Greece), who is working in the interactive graphics and simulation group, and Mr Shokirbek A. Shermukhamedov (Uzbekistan) from the group of numerical chemistry.

Winter School 2020: A warm welcome to the new international PhD researchers

[03.02.2020 -- 07.02.2020] Campus Technik, UZE Obergurgl: The first winterschool attended by the new PhD researchers provided insight to the HPC/visualisation infrastructure at the Universität Innsbruck, a broad range of invited talks on computational modelling and training on communication skills as well as the possibility to socialise (see the programme folder).

Welcome our 2nd & 3rd of 15 international PhD researchers

[03.02.2020] We warmly welcome Ms Margot Boughelilba (France) & Mr Stefan-Tiberiu Kis (Romania) to Innsbruck as our 2nd & 3rd DOCC early stage researchers, who are starting work in the theoretical high energy astrophysics and the computational astroparticle physics groups!

 Welcome our first of 15 international PhD researchers

[13.01.2020] We warmly welcome Mr Giorgos Bagiatis (Greece / UK) to Innsbruck as our first DOCC early stage researcher, who is starting work in the atmospheric science group!

Interviews with short-listed candidates (1st call)

[20.11.2019]  We are now conducting interviews with short-listed candidates who have received outstanding results from our expert evaluations of their applications. 

Joint Kick-off Event DP ARDRE & DP DOCC

[21.10.2019] The two EU MSCA Doctoral Programmes DOCC and ARDRE at University of Innsbruck celebrate their official joint kick-off event with all members and the rectorate of the university.

Processing of applications by management team and committees (1st call)

[10.10.2019] The valid applications are being processed by the management team, collecting the reference letters and organizing the external reviews and committees. We thank all members of the Advisory Board, the Recruitment Committee and the Appeal Committee, and all honorary external reviewers for their work and great commitments!

189 applications from 38 nationalities (1st call)

[10.09.2019] The first call for applications has been closed after expiration of the application deadline. We have received 189 applications from 38 nationalities. All valid applications are being sent out to external review. If necessary, a second call may be launched in the beginning of 2020.

Launch of first call for applications

[12.07.2019] The first call for applications for our 15 PhD positions is launched at Euraxess, in several media and on various job and networking web sites. The deadline for applications is set to September 10.

"Pre Kick-Off" and 1st call Launch Event

[01.07.2019] We celebrate the upcoming launch of the first call for applications with an information event for all DP DOCC members, university stakeholders, extra-sectoral mentors, and with members of the partner programme ARDRE.

COFUND Beneficiary Day

[05.06.2019] Project coordinator Alexander Kendl is participating at the EU COFUND Beneficiary's day in Brussels and meeting with our COFUND project officers.

Start of project: DP DOCC welcomes the management team

[01.06.2019] The DP DOCC project officially starts in June 2019, and the management team takes up its work. We welcome Heide, Irene and Eduard to the team. Our new programme website (short link: docc.eu) is launched.

DOCC / EU Grant Agreement

[10.05.2019] The Grant Agreement No. 847476 for the DP DOCC MSCA Doctoral Programme has been signed by the EU and the University of Innsbruck.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 847476.

Co-funded by the European Union

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