Doris BraunDoris Braun, Mag. pharm. Dr.
Research associate

Phone: +43 512 507 58651

University of Innsbruck, Institute of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology
Josef-Moeller-Haus, Innrain 52c, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria







Original research articles


Braun, Doris E.; Gelbrich, Thomas; Kahlenberg, Volker; Griesser, Ulrich J. Solid state forms of 4-aminoquinaldine - From void structures with and without solvent inclusion to close packing. CrystEngComm (2015) 17, 2504 – 2516 (DOI)


Braun, Doris E.; Gelbrich, Thomas; Kahlenberg, Volker; Griesser, Ulrich J. Insights into Hydrate Formation and Stability of Morphinanes from a Combination of Experimental and Computational Approaches. Molecular Pharmaceutics (2014), 11, 3145-3163. (DOI)

Braun, Doris E.; Orlova, Maria; Griesser, Ulrich J. Creatine: Polymorphs Predicted and Found. Crystal Growth & Design (2014), 14, 4895-4900. (DOI)

Salchner, Robert; Laus, Gerhard; Haslinger, Simone; Kahlenberg, Volker; Wurst, Klaus; Braun, Doris E.; Vergeiner, Stefan; Kopacka, Holger; Schottenberger, Herwig; Puckowski, Alan; Markiewicz, Marta; Stolte, Stefan; Nerdinger, Sven. Structural and Ecotoxicological Profile of N-Alkoxymorpholinium-based Ionic Liquids. Heterocycles (2015), Vol. 90, No. 2. (DOI)

Lampl, Martin; Salchner, Robert; Laus, Gerhard; Braun, Doris E.; Kahlenberg, Volker; Wurst, Klaus; Fuhrmann, Gerda; Schottenberger, Herwig; Huppertz, Hubert. New Crystal Structures in the Realm of 5-Aminotetrazolates. Crystals (2014), 4, 439-449. (DOI)

Braun, Doris E.; McMahon, Jennifer A.; Koztecki, Lien H.; Price, Sarah L.; Reutzel-Edens, Susan M. Contrasting Polymorphism of Related Small Molecule Drugs Correlated and Guided by the Computed Crystal Energy Landscape. Crystal Growth & Design 2014, 14, 2056-2072. (DOI)

Salchner, Robert; Kahlenberg, Volker; Lackner, Roman; Wurst, Klaus; Braun, Doris; Laus, Gerhard; Schottenberger, Herwig. Synthesis and Crystal Structures of 1,1′-Methylene bis(imidazolidine-2,4-dione) and Alkali Metal Salts. Crystals 2014, 4, 1-10. (DOI).


Braun, Doris E.; Bhardwaj, Rajni M.; Arlin, Jean-Baptiste; Florence, Alastair J; Kahlenberg, Volker; Griesser, Ulrich J.; Tocher, Derek A; Price, Sarah L. Absorbing a Little Water: The Structural, Thermodynamic, and Kinetic Relationship between Pyrogallol and Its Tetarto-Hydrate. Crystal Growth & Design 2013, 13, 4071-4083. (DOI)

Gelbrich, Thomas; Braun, Doris E.; Ellern, Arkady; Griesser, Ulrich J. Four Polymorphs of Methyl Paraben: Structural Relationships and Relative Energy Differences. Crystal Growth & Design 2013, 13, 1026-1217. (DOI)

Braun, Doris E.; Bhardwaj, Rajni M.; Florence, Alastair J; Tocher, Derek A.; Price, Sarah L. Complex Polymorphic System of Gallic Acid—Five Monohydrates, Three Anhydrates, and over 20 Solvates. Crystal Growth & Design (2013), 13(1), 19-23. (DOI)

Gelbrich, Thomas; Braun, Doris E.; Griesser, Ulrich J. Stable polymorph of morphine. Acta Crystallographica E (2013), 69(1), o2. (DOI)


Gelbrich, Thomas; Braun, Doris E.; Griesser, Ulrich J. Morphine hydrochloride anhydrate. Acta Crystallographica E (2012), 68(12), o3358-o3359. (DOI)

Braun, Doris E.; Tocher, Derek A.; Price, Sarah L.; Griesser, Ulrich J. The complexity of hydration of phloroglucinol: a comprehensive structural and thermodynamic characterization. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2012), 116, 3961-3972. (DOI)  

Issa, Nizar; Barnett, Sarah A.; Mohamed, Sharmarke; Braun, Doris E.; Copley, Royston C. B.; Tocher, Derek A.; Price, Sarah L. Screening for cocrystals of succinic acid and 4-aminobenzoic acid. CrystEngComm (2012), 14, 2454-2464. (DOI


Braun, Doris E.; Ardid-Candel, Miguel; D’Oria, Emiliana; Karamertzanis, Panagiotis G; Arlin, Jean-Baptiste; Florence, Alastair J.; Jones, Alan G.; Price, Sarah L. Racemic Naproxen: a multi-disciplinary structural and thermodynamic comparison with the enantiopure form. Crystal Growth & Design (2011), 11(12), 5659-5669. (DOI)

Bardwell, David A.; Adjiman,Claire S.; Arnautova, Yelena A.; Bartashevich, Ekaterina; Boerrigter, Stephan X. M.; Braun, Doris E.; Cruz-Cabeza, Aurora J.; Day, Graeme M.; Della Valle, Raffaele G.; Desiraju, Gautam R.; van Eijck, Bouke P., Facelli, Julio C.; Ferraro, Marta B.; Grillo, Damian; Habgood, Matthew; Hofmann, Detlef W. M.; Hofmann, Fridolin; Jovan Jose, K. V.; Karamertzanis, Panagiotis G.; Kazantsev, Andrei V.; Kendrick, John; Kuleshova, Liudmila N.; Leusen, Frank J. J.; Maleev, Andrey V.; Misquitta, Alston J.; Mohamed, Sharmarke; Needs, Richard J.; Neumann, Marcus A.; Nikylov, Denis; Orendt, Anita M.; Pal, Rumpa; Pantelides, Constantinos C.; Pickard, Chris; Price, Louise S.; Price, Sarah L.; Scheraga, Harold A.; van de Streek, Jacco; Thakur, Tejender S.; Tiwari, Siddharth; Venuti, Elisabetta; Zhitkov, Ilia K. Towards crystal structure prediction of complex organic compounds – a report on the fifth blind test. Acta Crystallographica B (2011), 67, 535 – 551. (DOI)

Eccles, Kevin S.; Deasy, Rebecca E.; Fábián, László; Braun, Doris E.; Maguire, Anita R.; Lawrence, Simon E. Expanding the crystal landscape of isonicotinamide: concomitant polymorphism and co-crystallisation. CrystEngComm (2011), 13 (23), 6923 – 6925. (DOI)

Maas, Stephan G.; Schaldach, Gerhard; Littringer, Eva M.; Mescher, Axel; Griesser, Ulrich J.; Braun, Doris E.; Walzel, Peter E.; Urbanetz, Nora A. The impact of spray drying outlet temperature on the particle morphology of mannitol. Powder Technology. (2011), 213, 27-35. (DOI

Braun, Doris E.; Karamertzanis, Panagiotis G. and Price, Sarah L. Which, if any, hydrates will crystallise? Predicting hydrate formation of two dihydroxybenzoic acids. Chemical Communications (2011), 47, 5443-5445. (DOI

Braun, Doris E.; Karamertzanis, Panagiotis G.; Arlin, Jean-Baptiste; Florence, Alastair J; Kahlenberg, Volker; Tocher, Derek A.; Griesser, Ulrich J. and Price, Sarah L. Solid-State Forms of β-Resorcylic Acid: How Exhaustive should a Polymorph Screen be? Crystal Growth & Design (2011), 11(1), 210-220. (DOI)


Braun, Doris E.; Maas, Stephan G.; Zencirci, Neslihan; Langes, Christoph; Urbanetz, Nora A.; Griesser, Ulrich J. Simultaneous quantitative analysis of ternary mixtures of D-mannitol polymorphs by FT-Raman spectroscopy and multivariate calibration. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2010),
385(1-2), 29-36. (DOI


Braun, Doris E.; Gelbrich, Thomas; Kahlenberg, Volker; Tessadri, Richard; Wieser, Josef and Griesser Ulrich J. Stability of Solvates and Packing Systematics of nine Crystal Forms of the Antipsychotic Drug Aripiprazole. Crystal Growth & Design (2009), 9(2), 1054-1065. (DOI)

Braun, Doris E.; Gelbrich, Thomas; Kahlenberg, Volker; Tessadri, Richard; Wieser, Josef and Griesser, Ulrich J. Thermochemical and Conformational Polymorphism in Aripiprazole: Preparation, Stability and Structure of Five Modifications. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2009), 98 (6), 2010-2026. (DOI)


Braun, Doris E.; Kahlenberg, Volker; Gelbrich, Thomas; Ludescher, Johannes and Griesser, Ulrich J. Solid State Characterisation of four Solvates of R-Cinacalcet Hydrochloride. CrystEngComm (2008), 10, 1617-1625. (DOI)

Braun, Doris E.; Többens, Daniel M.; Kahlenberg, Volker; Ludescher, Johannes and Griesser, Ulrich J. Structural and Thermodynamic Features of Crystal Polymorphs of R-Cinacalcet hydrochloride. Crystal Growth & Design (2008), 8(11), 4109-4119. (DOI)

Braun, Doris E.; Gelbrich, Thomas; Kahlenberg, Volker; Laus, Gerhard; Wieser, Josef and Griesser, Ulrich J. Packing Polymorphism of a Conformationally Flexible Molecule (Aprepitant). New Journal of Chemistry (2008), 32, 1677-1685. (DOI

Braun, Doris E.; Gelbrich, Thomas; Jetti, Ram K. R.; Kahlenberg, Volker; Price, Sarah L. and Griesser, Ulrich J. Colored Polymorphs: Thermochemical and Structural Features of N-Picryl-p-toluidine Polymorphs and Solvates. Crystal Growth & Design (2008), 8(6), 1977-1989. (DOI)


Kachrimanis, Kyriakos; Braun, Doris E. and Griesser, Ulrich J. Quantitative analysis of paracetamol   polymorphs in powder mixtures by FT-Raman spectroscopy and PLS regression. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (2007), 43(2), 407-412. (DOI



Wieser, Josef; Lengauer, H; Braun, Doris; Griesser,Ulrich; Tessadri, Richard. Polymorph and solvates of aripiprazole. European Patent Office (2009), 09160600.4-1211/2013217.


Ludescher, Johannes; Wieser, Josef; Pichler, Arthur; Griesser, Ulrich; Braun, Doris. Dispersions of stable amorphous form of cinacalcet hydrochloride in a matrix material and their use in pharmaceutical compositions. PCT Int. Appl. (2008), WO 2008104512 A2.

Ludescher, Johannes; Griesser, Ulrich; Braun, Doris; Wieser, Josef. Crystalline polymorphic form of cinacalcet and use for pharmaceutical compns. comprising the acetic acid solvate of cinacalcet hydrochloride, for the treatment of hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia. PCT Int. Appl. (2008), WO 2008000423 A1.

Ludescher, Johannes; Griesser, Ulrich; Braun, Doris; Wieser, Josef. Polymorphic form of aprepitant. PCT Int. Appl. (2008), WO 2008000422 A1.


Braun, Doris; Griesser, Ulrich; Tessadri, Richard; Lengauer, Hannes; Wieser, Josef. Preparation of novel polymorphic forms of aripiprazole. PCT Int. Appl. (2006), WO 2006079548 A1.

Conferences and Presentations


Braun, Doris E. Hydrates of Small Organic Molecules – Insights into their Formation and Stability. The 28th Meeting of the European Crystallographic Association (ECM), Warwick, UK, August 25-29.

Braun, Doris E.; Griesser, Ulrich J. Exploring the Stability of Hydrates with the Aid of Calorimetry. TAM User Meeting, Berlin, Germany, July 7, 2013.


Braun, Doris E. Crystal Structure Prediction of Small Molecule Drug Crystal Forms. Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis. July 24th 2012.

Braun, Doris E. Crystal Structure Prediction of Organic Hydrates. Purdue University, College of Pharmacy, Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy. July 20th 2012.

Braun, Doris E. Contrasting organic hydrate structures generated in silico and in vitro (invited talk). BCA (British Crystallographic Association) Spring Meeting, UK, Warwick, April 16 – 19, 2012.

Braun, Doris E. In Silico and In Vitro Solid Form Screening for Organic Hydrates   (invited talk).
CPOSS meeting, London, UK, April 4th, 2012.


Braun, Doris E. Does computational work help in solid form screening? XXII Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), Madrid, Spain, August 22 – 29, 2011. Abstract published in Acta Cryst. (2011), A67, C125.


Braun, Doris E. and Griesser, Ulrich J. Thermoanalytische Untersuchung polymorpher Arzneistoffe.   Thermische Analyse in pharmazeutischen Forschungs- und Kontoll-Labor, Leipzig, Deutschland,
October 19-17, 2007.

Braun, Doris E. and Griesser, Ulrich J. Statistical Evaluations of the Occurrence of Crystal Forms in Pharmaceuticals - based on molecular structure and physicochemical properties. 39th crystallographic meeting at Erice (Engineering of Crystalline Materials Properties), Erice, Sicily, June   7-17, 2007.


Braun, Doris E. Conformational Color Polymorphism and Solvates of picryl-p-toluidine. 8th international Conference/ Workshop on Pharmacy and Applied Physical Chemistry, Düsseldorf, Germany, September   10-13, 2006.