Dr. Martina Brauns

University Assistant

Email: martina.brauns@uibk.ac.at
Phone: +43-512-507 - 58804
Fax: +43-(0)512-507 - 58899

Molecular Pharmacology of Voltage - Gated Calcium Channels - Group


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University Assistant (Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit, Institute of Pharmacy, University of Innsbruck)


Hertha Firnberg Fellow at the Institute of Biochemical Pharmacology and at the Institute of Pharmacy, University of Innsbruck

1998 - 1999

Visiting Scientist at the Institute of Neural Signal Transmission, ZMNH, University of Hamburg, Germany (Marie Curie Research Training Grant)


Doctoral Thesis, Department of Biochemical Pharmacology, Innsbruck Medical School: “Transfer of Ca2+ Antagonist Sensitivity to a Neuronal Voltage-dependent Calcium Channel: Implications for Drug Development”


Diploma Thesis (Biology), Department of Biochemical Pharmacology, Innsbruck Medical School: “Voltage-gated Calcium Channels: Targeted Mutagenesis of Four Conserved Glutamate Residues in the Pore of the Cardiac L-type Calcium Channel”

  • PhD Programme Pharmaceutical Sciences:
  • scientific writing

  • Diploma Programme Pharmacy:
  • text layout, statistics and data presentation
  • biologicals
  • online literature search and career metrics
  • pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics

  • CMBI Poster Award (2008)
  • Prof. - Brandl - Foundation Award (2005)
  • Capital of Innsbruck Award for Scientific Achievements (2004)
  • Post-Graduate / Young Researchers Grants by the LFU Innsbruck (2003 and 2008)
  • Hertha Firnberg Fellowship (FWF) (1999)
  • Marie Curie Research Training Grant (EU) (1998)
  • Wulf Vater Dihydropyridine Award (Wulf-Vater-Foundation, University of Mainz) (1998)
  • Post - Graduate Grant by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Transport and Arts (1996)
  • Gerhard Domagk Award (Gerhard-Domagk-Foundation, Bayer AG, University of Münster) (1995)

Evaluation of publication activity (Thomson Reuters Web of Science, status October 2015)
  • journal articles: 31
  • citations (without self-citations): 1364
  • citing articles (without self-citing): 939
  • h - Index: 22

Representative publications

Scharinger A, Eckrich S, Vandael DH, Schönig K, Koschak A, hecker D, Kaur G, Lee A, Sah A, Bartsch D,  Benedetti B, Lieb A, Schick B, Singewald N, Sinnegger-Brauns MJ, Carbone E, Engel J, Striessnig J (2015) "Cell-type-specific tuning of Cav1.3 Ca2+-channels by a C-terminal automodulatory domain" Front Cell Neurosci: 9: 309.

Sinnegger-Brauns MJ, Huber IG, Koschak A, Wild C, Obermair GJ, Einzinger U, Hoda JC, Sartori SB, Striessnig J (2009)  "Expression and 1,4-dihydropyridine-binding properties of brain L-type calcium channel isoforms" Mol Pharmacol: 75(2): 407-414

Watschinger K, Horak SB, Schulze K, Obermair GJ, Wild C, Koschak A, Sinnegger-Brauns MJ, Tampé R, Striessnig J (2008) "Functional properties and modulation of extracellular epitope-tagged Cav2.1 voltage-gated calcium channels" Channels: Nov 15; 2(6): 461-473

Sinnegger-Brauns MJ, Hetzenauer A, Huber IG, Renström E, Wietzorrek G, Berjukov S, Cavalli M, Walter D, Koschak A, Waldschütz R, Hering S, Bova S, Rorsman P, Pongs O, Singewald N, Striessnig J (2004) "Cav1.3 L-type Ca2+-channels: Role for Isoform-Specific Regulation of Mood Behavior, Pancreatic b-cell and Cardiovascular Function" J Clin Invest: 113(10): 1430-1439

Kraus RL, Sinnegger MJ, Koschak A, Glossmann H, Stenirri S, Carrera P, Striessnig J (2000) "Three New Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Mutants Affect P/Q-type Ca2+ Channel Kinetics" J Biol Chem: 275: 9239-9243

Kraus RL, Sinnegger MJ, Glossmann H, Hering S, Striessnig J (1998) "Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Mutations Change alpha-1A Ca2+ Channel Kinetics" J Biol Chem: 273: 5586-5590

Sinnegger MJ, Wang Z, Grabner M, Hering S, Striessnig J, Glossmann H, Mitterdorfer J (1997)
"Nine L-type Amino Acid Residues Confer Full 1,4-Dihydropyridine Sensitivity to the Neuronal Calcium Channel alpha-1A Subunit"
J Biol Chem: 272: 27686-2769

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