Funding provider Project PI
FWF Role of Endophytes in Rust Defens in Norway Spruce Alilou Mostafa
LFUI/FZ Berglandwirtschaft Alpine endophytes natural products for targeting agricultural phytopathogen Botrytis cinerea Alilou Mostafa
VASCage Vascage, Project 2_A.6 Novel laboratory techniques in clinical routine Ganzera Markus
FWF/WEAVE UVISION, Exploring the potential of secondary metabolites derived from marine resources for UV-protection of the human eye Ganzera Markus
TWF AMPlify - Natural Products for Anti-Malaria Photodynamic Therapy Hammerle Fabian
LFUI, Early Stage Funding Untersuchungen zu den pharmakokinetischen Eigenschaften von Chlorophyllabbauprodukten in pflanzlicher Nahrung Karg Cornelia
DFG Research Grant, German Research Foundation Target Identification and Mode of Action Studies on Phyllobilins,
Natural Compounds with Effects on Cancer Cells
Moser Simone
Schwabe Phyto Innovation Challenge Plant aging for human aging - Phylloxanthobilins as promising novel compounds to counter atherosclerosis Moser Simone
Doktor Robert Pfleger Foundation Der hohe Eisenbedarf der Krebszelle als Angriffspunkt - der Ferroptose-induzierende Naturstoff Phylloroseobilin als neue Option in der Krebstherapie Moser Simone
OAED Searching for potential therapeutic agents for managing diabetic wounds from Vietnamese medicinal plants targeting matrix metalloproteinase-9 w Schwaiger Stefan
 FWF  POSADEC - Das verborgende Potential Südamerikanischer Dermocyben Peintner Ursula (Mikrobiologie), Siewert Bianka
 FWF PhotoFungal. Photo-activated Defense Strategies in Fungi - An Overlooked Source for new Photo-pharmaceuticals?  Siewert Bianca
EU ARDRE. Ageing and Regeneration Doctoral Programme Stuppner Hermann (Schwaiger Stefan)
Euregio Antiparasitic and anthelmintic plants - HERBAL Stuppner Hermann, Siewert Bianka


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