Knowledge can only become relevant for the development of organizations and contribute to the solution of problems in society, if it can be applied to practical contexts. Rooted in the expertise of a comprehensive knowledge pool, members of the research program are involved in numerous projects of applied research in the following thematic fields:

  • Specific forms of organizational dynamics:

 organization development, management development, quality development, change management and forms of intervention in different institutional settings;

  • Organizational problems with a particularly high significance for society:

equal-rights questions, the support of the older workforce, the harmonization of (salaried) work and family life;

  • Specific issues in expert organizations:

management, personnel development, organizational development, resource management, strategy development in schools, at universities, in hospitals and in other expert organizations;

  • Enterprises in early stages of their development:

company foundation, coaching company founders, management development and specific issues of managing small and medium-sized enterprises.


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