Deadline for applications: 21 October 2018, 23:59 CEST
Federalism 2019
(Credit: EURAC)

The Winter School is designed for participants from all nationalities who wish to broaden their knowledge of federalism and multilevel governance through an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. We welcome applications from post-docs, postgraduate & graduate students, researchers, civil servants, employees of national/international organizations or NGOs. The Winter School explores how federalism can contribute to multilevel, integrated and pluralistic decision-making. It is a unique opportunity to receive training on theoretical and practical aspects of federalism and governance.

The 2019 edition will focus on FEDERALISM AND THE RULE OF LAW

Dates and venues: 4 February - 15 February 2019

The first week (4 - 8 February) takes place at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, Austria;

The second week (11 - 15 February) takes place at the Institute for Comparative Federalism, Eurac Research, Bolzano/Bozen, Italy.

To apply and for further information, please visit: or follow us on Facebook


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