Research on place-oriented predictive policing in Austria


The research assignment consists of an in-depth investigation of place-oriented predictive policing approaches used in Austria based on the near-repeat concept. It will also include a description of the Austrian efforts to implement a form of risk-terrain-modelling. Interviews with experts in the Bundeskriminalamt as well as with the task force for street crime ("Einsatzgruppe für Straßenkriminalität") will be conducted. The system in place, which is based on a near-repeat approach and focuses on burglaries at dawn, will be demonstrated to the research team. The "Cripa"-risk terrain modelling, which has not been implemented because of data protection issues, will be described on the basis of reports which will be provided by the Ministry of the Interior. 

The project is funded by Amnesty International and co-financed by the Office of the Vice Rector for Research, University of Innsbruck.

Projekt Laufzeit

Mai 2022 bis Oktober 2022 


Foto: Hofinger
Veronika Hofinger


Philipp Pflegerl


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